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leadership May 01, 2024

My latest book, 'The CEO Book', is positioned at the apex of the four business books I've authored. It embodies the true essence of leadership, much like an alpha in a wolf pack.

This book delivers powerful insights into the art of empathy, crafting a safe environment for your team, and charting the optimal trajectory while maximising resource utilisation.

Using the metaphor of 'Dancing with Wolves', I paint CEOs as alphas and the orchestrators in the centre of a complex ecosystem.

The peripheral wolves symbolise the various challenges and stakeholders a CEO must engage with: competitors, customers, suppliers, internal contenders, and even disruptive forces like generative AI. Each has a distinct role, from the hunting wolves to the rogue alphas that test a CEO's wit and skill.

The concept of time is personified by the omega wolf, a subtle reminder of the ephemeral nature of success and the importance of prompt action. Meanwhile, the delta wolf underscores the critical attention...

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strategy Apr 04, 2024

Five years ago, when finishing my first business book - 'The Strategy Book', I received a handwritten letter from accomplished leadership author Jim Collins, who is famous for identifying five levels of leadership in his book 'Good to Great'.

Jim wrote me:

"There are five levels to most things. When it comes to book writing, Level Five is called 'The Tyrant’"

April has me locked in my battle with The Tyrant, something I had hoped to have completed in early March. Indeed, 'The CEO Book' is 100% written and almost 90% complete.

When you wrestle The Tyrant, you don’t quit when you’re tired, you quit when The Tyrant says so. It is a humbling journey.

Level Five leaders, PhD candidates, authors and people who take on complex assignments all experience The Tyrant.

All those years ago, Jim inspired me to move from good to humble.

If you are in this space, don’t quit. Know that The Tyrant is here to be of service and that you can be victorious.



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strategy Mar 19, 2024

Tit-for-Tat Strategy Anyone?

The Prisoner's Dilemma is a logical exercise in Game Theory that demonstrates the tension between individual self-interest and mutual benefit. Game Theory is relevant to the current conflict between US-backed Israeli soldiers and the Pro-Palestinian Iran-backed Axis of Resistance. The phrase Military Intelligence is often given as an example of an oxymoron, often for good reasons.

In the current conflict, Game Theory offers good opportunities to play the Prisoner's Dilemma. Currently, the game is being played poorly and all parties are paying a great price. Instead of de-escalation, we see escalating war hostilities, where each party, prioritising their own safety and territorial interests, responds aggressively to the other, leading to a cycle of vengeful retaliation.

This war mirrors the worst decisions possible in the Prisoner's Dilemma, with all parties ending up worse off than if they had cooperated more often. Research into iterated versions of the...

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leadership Feb 20, 2024

Over the holidays, I have been working hard on my latest book, The CEO Book.

At the heart of effective leadership lies the art of managing oneself.

My latest book navigates the twelve habits of highly successful CEOs. One of the twelve habits is to Manage Your Personal Effectiveness. This chapter has three sections: Prioritise Self-Care, Balance Work and Life and Cultivate Support Networks.

In the section under self-care, I returned to the poignant findings of Peter Attia's 'Outlive,' which outlines three distinct health futures that we may embark upon at any age.

Peter’s paths are a sober reminder of the power of choice.

The default path, reminiscent of my grandparents' journey, is a stark example of how habitual inactivity and average daily routines can lead to a stark decline in health after 40, often resulting in a life that ends too soon.

In contrast, the path of advanced medical intervention, as experienced by my father, demonstrates how even with a sedentary lifestyle,...

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keynote strategy Jan 15, 2024

I'm excited to be presenting to AFILE next month in the vibrant Brisbane CBD on how to navigate the future. In these dynamic times, navigating the shifting landscape is crucial. We will dive into some thought-provoking questions:
As leaders, what should we be doing in an increasingly complex world?
How can you stay agile amidst challenging and 'wicked' problems?
What strategies can you use to build resilience?
I look forward to seeing you there and sharing ideas!

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leadership Dec 04, 2023

Doing leadership differently requires self-awareness. In this way, we can know ourselves as leaders and better understand others.

This week, the amazing community leaders at the Rotary Club of Paddington invited me to be their guest speaker on the topic of Conscious Leadership.

Together we learned about the three basic instincts that drive our thoughts and behaviours. As a speaker, I often find that both the entire audience and I can learn a great deal from brave audience members. Wherever possible, my goal is to bring courageous volunteers up on stage to be shining examples of the human spirit.

For instance, this week, we all learned that Debra has amazing contextual intelligence and a strong sense of purpose. As we peeled back her sweet layers, we discovered the playful, curious and creative instincts that make up Mish. Finally, the ever-reliable and loyal Steve shone through as a wonderful example of someone who is grounded, earthy and practical.

A big thank you to Debra, Mish,...

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leadership Nov 20, 2023

In a world where conscious leadership is a rare phenomenon, this week it was refreshing to speak with a new generation of conscious leaders.
As we pass multiple irreversible global climate tipping points, it's disheartening to observe numerous unconscious government leaders in both the western and eastern worlds continuing to offer rebates to greenfield fossil fuel sites. Simultaneously, greedy bank CEOs persist in financing perilous coal, oil and gas developments.
By contrast, the extraordinary community leaders of the future at Brisbane Rivercity Rotaract were truly inspiring. Their many charitable endeavours include cleaning up our planet's beaches. A special thank you to  Alexandra Simmons for orchestrating such an enjoyable event. Additionally, a big shout-out to BDO for graciously hosting us.
ConsciousLeadership BDO Brisbane Rotaract RiverCity TheStrategyGuy

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strategy Nov 13, 2023

This week, Johanna and I attended the 2023 Scenic Rim Business Excellence Awards and Gala Dinner at The Centre in Beaudesert.

The evening unfolded as a splendid showcase, uniting businesses from across the Scenic Rim and illuminating business excellence across various industry categories.

Steering the event were the Scenic Rim's esteemed Mayor Greg Christensen, Economic Development Officer Cameron Thomas and his adept team, with the graceful guidance of 4BC Radio Host Sofie Formica as Master of Ceremonies.

Our table was graced with the presence of Greg and Denise Christensen, Sofie Formica, Oliver Pring, Greg SchossowMartin Gray and Jill Gray and Jonathan Krause, all of whom added a delightful presence to the evening.

This year, I was honoured to serve as a judge for the awards in seven award categories:

Excellence in Trades and Construction
Excellence in Agriculture
Excellence in Transport, Logistics, Manufacturing, and Mining

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keynote leadership strategy Nov 07, 2023

For the first time in ages, my event calendar is filling fast.

Even more stages are opening in 2024.
Some conferences have not been held for 5 years!

Face-to-face engagement, entertainment, strategy facilitation and education are back.

Whether you are a corporate, government, not-for-profit or business chamber client from before, I look forward to sharing future trends, strategic thinking and digital business models with your leaders and teams.

Click below for my keynotes and workshops: 


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leadership Oct 29, 2023

Do you need to heal from workplace conflict?

Human wellbeing took a hit due to COVID isolation and remote working. We human beings are highly social animals. We feel safer when we socialise, belong to groups, come together and create a sense of place.

The post-COVID era reveals that people worldwide, including in the workplace, do not feel safe and are ill-equipped to cope with constant threats, whether they be military attacks, physical confrontations, cyber threats, emotional abuse or increasing lateral violence via social media. 

Extended periods of device use, isolation and loneliness cause the amygdala in our brains to shrink and misfire. When compared to control groups, autopsy studies are now revealing that people those who tested positive for COVID-19 and died had more brain shrinkage, grey matter shrinkage and tissue damage. In many cases the virus penetrated and altered their amygdala. 

Instead of exhibiting a balanced and appropriate fight-freeze-flee...

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