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As a motivational speaker, John is a master storyteller with a theatrical on-stage ability that allows him to connect profoundly with hundreds of people simultaneously. John will research your industry and audience to craft an entertaining keynote that magnifies and delivers on your conference theme.

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John will delight your audience

  • Appreciate the limits of the brain to avoid blindspots and pitfalls.
  • Answer the question, "What is really going on here?"
  • See the future and innovate before competitors do.
  • Connect with stakeholders to create options and advantages. 
  • Combine speed and influence to enjoy better results.  

John reveals leadership secrets

  • Understand psycho-emotional safety and how to create it.
  • Navigate the future using VUCA, BANI and Antifragility.
  • Enhance personal effectiveness and maximise support networks.
  • Align and allocate scarce resources effectively.
  • Partner with stakeholders and maximise board performance.



Peter Hedge

B&D National Dealer Manager

Our entire team and network thoroughly enjoyed John’s keynote on 'Creating a Strategic Mindset' at our recent National Conference. 

John connected extremely well with the audience and made the often-challenging topic of strategy easy to understand and apply, at both a business and personal level.

John’s level of care and professionalism in preparing for our event was also excellent.

Sarah Cooke

Executive Professional Development 

John Hale delivered an entertaining, interactive and informative keynote presentation on 'Doing Leadership Differently' at our Annual IPA Congress.

The feedback from our members was overwhelming positive and John was mentioned a number of times in response to our survey asking members what they enjoyed most about the Congress. 

Margaret Blade

Chief Executive Officer

We were delighted with John Hale's strategy keynote on 'Growing Digital Wings' at our annual Click Digital Conference.

John's professional, entertaining and informative presentation was so well received that we scheduled John and his presentation again on the second day of the conference, so even more people could learn from John.


Pranish Rai

Content Lead Consultant 

I really appreciated the experience of working with John in bringing together an insightful session at the 2021 National Accounting Online Conference for CA ANZ. 

John connected powerfully with an audience comprising over 400 live online delegates from within Australia, NZ and around the Globe.

John’s session was entertaining and motivating. He made, the at times confusing topic of strategy very understandable, and explained the process of future-proofing strategies for firms and accounting careers during his session.

I really look forward to hearing more from John in the areas of Strategy and Leadership.


Wendy Smith

National Conference Manager

Working with John was an absolute pleasure. He brought so much energy and professionalism as a speaker at our National Conference.

He walks in with a huge smile on his face and makes everything super easy for the organisers. He works around everything that is happening and is adaptable and flexible. Nothing is too much trouble.

John was early, calm, prepared and delivered a really insightful session that not only had the entire room singing and laughing but also debating some serious ethical questions. Is there anything he can’t do?


Paul Garcia

Relationships Manager

Never has there been a time where businesses have needed so much support during these challenging COVID times. John Hale is a speaker who makes my job easy because his motivational presentations have helped businesses all over Queensland.

John has helped hundreds of individual member organisations to rebuild their businesses using his tailored problem solving and strategic thinking skills. 

If you are looking for a motivational speaker who engages your audience, creates renewed confidence, and offers practical action steps to navigate a changing and challenging future, I highly recommend John.


Kat Butcher 

Speaker Coordinator District 9620

Wow! What can I say.

What a compelling and engaging closing keynote session! Today John Hale, one of our conference speakers captivated our entire audience from start to finish with his thought-provoking ideas and heartfelt messages. The energy and enthusiasm that John brought to the stage were genuinely contagious.

John is a master storyteller who artfully weaves personal anecdotes and real-world examples to illustrate key points in a way that resonated deeply with our leaders. He effortlessly captured the entire audience's attention, often leaving us hanging on each word.

His passion for strategy was palpable, and John left us feeling motivated and empowered to take charge of our future. If you're looking for a keynote speaker who will captivate, educate and inspire your audience, look no further.


Ian Gilbert

Manager Commercialisation & Scaleup Enterprises

The Queensland Expressway Network Forum was treated to an exceptional talk by John Hale, on ‘“The Power of Interpersonal Influence.” 

This is the third time John has spoken to us in as many years and we never grow tired of his enlightening, and professionally delivered presentations.

 John’s relaxed style and concisely-structured presentation delivered a message that the audience easily understood – great entertainment and excellent takeaways.

Damon Joseph 

Director and Owner

At Character Builders, we believe leadership is a potent combination of character and strategy. As character building is our core strength, we regularly reach out to John Hale to deliver the strategy piece at the leadership development conferences we put together for our corporate clients.

Our clients share that working with John is incredibly insightful and fun. John is always early, calm, energetic, adaptable and highly motivational. He connects exceptionally well with audiences and delivers the mindset changes and strategic approaches needed.

John's professionalism and attention to detail in preparing for each event are excellent. 

Cass Brownlow Davies

Corporate Partnerships Manager

Our Corporate Summit is the world’s leading event for PAs and EAs. As this year’s Summit was COVID challenged, having professional speakers who are easy to work with and can deliver the perfect mix of inspiring stories, meaningful wisdom, and decisive action steps made for a great event. John Hale is one such professional.  

John’s entertaining strategy talk allowed our audience to celebrate their career and life achievements and create an enlightened and balanced plan for their future.  

John’s wealth of experience allowed him to share timely wisdom with our PA and EA clients regarding power, trust and strategy in leadership circles and beyond. We look forward to having John back for future Summits.

Mark Pidcock

Dealer Principal

We hired Hale Consulting Group to assess our culture and help us modernise the way we operate as an organisation. The results were fantastic.

John Hale delivered an action packed and magical day of team building and awareness raising games and exercises.

Morale is higher and we are working more cooperatively and effectively as a result.

Bruce Loxton

Managing Director

Customer service is important for our dealers, yet we wanted an extra customer service effort right through the buying process. 

John Hale led this change by crystallising the benefits of extra effort with great results. John has spoken at our National Dealer Conference three years running. 

It is rare to have a business advisor passionate about the issues and who balance changing attitudes with the discipline of personal action plans.