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John offers entertaining, empowering and educational keynotes and workshops on how to future-proof your business. He has spoken at thousands of events and hundreds of conferences including the Global Speakers Summit. 

His popular keynotes are: 

Future-Proof your Business
How to create a Strategic Mindset

Growing Digital Wings
Grow business with technology

Doing Leadership Differently
Connect and enlighten your leaders

Building a Values-Driven Firm
Values based cultural transformation 

Staying Whole and Healthy 
Paradoxical pathways to wholeness

John’s work with hundreds of organisations see clients including global technology firms and elite sporting programs, allows him to share value-driven ideas around strategy and performance. His talks include powerful models, metaphors from his life and narratives from many sources. Many say John’s talks are uplifting, entertaining, memorable and often redefine the future agenda for an industry or business culture. Learn more…

STRATEGY BOOK – Christmas Business Gift 

John is the author of ‘The Strategy Book – Create a Strategic Mindset and Future-Proof your Business.’  

The Strategy Book helps you to re-think this digital planet and the process of strategy creation. It contains twenty quick-to-read notes and exercises on how to create a strategic mindset by applying six steps to future-proof your business. Purchase here via Paypal/Credit Card (below), Amazon or leading booksellers. 

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John assists organisations to take the smart and courageous steps needed to drive value well into the future. John helps boards, business owners and executive teams create a strategic mindset and future proof their business over three high-level days. Learn more…


John mentors men and women, business owners and leaders to enhance their leadership, creativity, negotiation skills, relationships, confidence, health and intuition with three, six and twelve-month programs. Learn more…

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