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John Hale speaks at conferences, runs a strategy practice and coaches leaders. John has spoken at thousands of events including the Global Speakers Summit. His popular keynotes are: 

Basic Instincts – Achieve more with people.
Creating a Strategic Mindset Future-proof your business.
Growing Digital Wings – How to best grow your business using technology.

John’s one on one work with hundreds of organisations, including global technology companies and elite sporting programs allow him to share insights around strategy, digital disruption and human performance. His messages include powerful models, metaphors from his life and narratives from many sources. John’s presentations are uplifting, memorable and often redefine the future agenda for an industry or business culture. Learn more…


John is also a strategy expert, who helps clients articulate the specific steps needed to build and maintain a great business. He ensures a client’s stakeholders and target customers are part of a future-proof strategy process that includes an understanding of the issues, positioning and policy creation, implementation and risk mitigation. 

His approach can be summed up in two words, VALUE-DRIVEN! What is the best thing you can do right now to drive the future value of your business? Learn more…

John is a Visiting EMBA Professor. He has taught Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Ethics and Project Management at Singapore Management University, Bond University and Melbourne Business School. He holds degrees in Architecture and Computing, postgrad degrees in Education and Human Performance and a Master of Business Administration.


Beyond the strategy process, John is committed to helping people take the courageous steps needed to drive value well into the future. John provides transformative coaching. He helps men and women to enhance their business, leadership, relationships, confidence, health and intuition with three, six and twelve-month coaching programs.

While some have fears about the future, John sees fear as an invitation to come home, re-assess and reframe. Whether it’s what he speaks about to conference audiences or his coaching clients, John communicates with authority, commercial clarity, compassion and humour. He helps leaders overcome inertia, tackle entropy and reduce bias, by creating the space necessary to re-focus, take purposeful actions and drive future value. Learn more…

If you are considering booking a keynote speaker for your next event, hiring a strategy facilitator for your business or are ready to take on a coach, please contact John.  

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We hired Hale Consulting Group to assess our culture and help us modernise the way we operate as an organisation. The result was fantastic. John delivered an action-packed and magical day of team building and awareness raising games and exercises. Morale is much higher and we are working much more cooperatively and effectively as a result.

Mark Pidcock - Dealer Principal, City Toyota

John Hale has spoken at our national dealer conference for three years in a row. Customer service is important for our dealers, yet we wanted an extra customer service effort right through the buying process. John led this change by crystallizing the benefits of extra effort with great results. It is rare to have a business advisor passionate about the issues and who balance changing attitudes with the discipline of personal action plans.

Bruce Loxton - Managing Director, Kimberley Group

The Board identified the need to bring new and current Board Members up to date with the responsibilities of being a Director. The Board Governance Training Day John Hale from Hale Consulting Group facilitated for us was well received by new and experienced Directors alike. John’s knowledge, professional experience and entertaining style kept the Board engaged and made for a highly effective day.

Paul Welch - Company Secretary, NSW Sugar Milling Co-op

We invited John Hale from Hale Consulting to facilitate our Company Development Forum. John is a skilful presenter – he extended us both as individuals and as a group. His positive energy and enthusiasm served to break down barriers, build a strong cohesiveness within the group and gave us valuable communication and relationship – building skills. I highly recommend John as a facilitator for any organisation looking to improve its internal and external communication skills.

Craig Zerk - Director, GeoLINK.

I invited John Hale from HCG to be the keynote presenter at our inaugural company development day. John helped us become more aware and cooperative as a team. He has given the entire organisation and me a great platform from which to drive the changes necessary for our future growth and success.

Brett McLaren - Chief Executive Officer, OEM Dynamics

Whether it is organising highly successful information technology forums for our members or performing focus group consultations for thirty small rural communities of less than 5000 people and then developing appropriate health care service models, John Hale’s breadth of experience and professional approach ensures I can be confident of a quality outcome every time.

Dr. Susan Page - National President, Rural Doctors Association

We were delighted with John Hale’s keynote presentation Growing Digital Wings at our annual digital conference. John’s presentation was so well received, that we scheduled it again on the second day of the conference, so even more people could learn from John.

Margaret Blade - CEO, Regional Development Australia

I think John’s ‘Basic Instinct’ presentation to our members was one of the best presentations we have seen at AIEA. As a speaker, John captured our attention early and earned our trust quickly, so that the true nature of the leaders in the audience could be revealed, shared and celebrated. I recommend John as a highly skilled professional speaker, who can adapt quickly and add significant value to a leadership audience. We look forward to having John back to speak again next year.

Mal Walker - Chairman, Australasian Interim Executive Association

John Hale is a popular speaker with our members. His presentations are engaging, with serious information provided in a light and fun way. We thoroughly enjoyed his two keynote presentations to us last year. John has a rare combination of business knowledge and intuition with people. I highly recommend him as a professional speaker who can engage and interact brilliantly with any audience. We are looking forward to having him back to speak again this year.

Kathleen Lewis - President , Brisbane Southside Chamber of Commerce


Hale Consulting Group cut quickly through to the core issues and then supported me in establishing simple yet valuable habits to manage my life more effectively, habits that I continue to use in my daily life years later. Their insight and skills provide solutions for personal as well as corporate growth. They operate at maximum integrity and come highly recommended.

Christopher Dean - Founder, Thursday Plantation

We called on Hale Consulting Group when our company was struggling with its direction. They gave us a clear overview and proposition of options that was invaluable in leading us to make brave decisions and actions. Five years later our Company is a leader in its field and has just won the NSW Telstra Business Award as best business in its category.

Will Evans - Founder , The Purist Company

Hale Consulting’s greatest strengths lie in their ability to think strategically and to guide others along that path. They demonstrate very effective people management skills and can adapt their style to suit variable client groupings and scenarios. They played a significant role in the development of this Council’s overarching 2020 Strategic Plan and this required intense workshop exercises with Councillors. Soon after I invited them to assist with a radical restructuring of the organization’s management team. I found their input invaluable and importantly both of these key exercises have proven to be success stories for Lismore City Council.

Paul O’Sullivan - General Manager, Lismore City Council.

Hale Consulting Group’s lateral and clear thinking has been of immense help in those times when I have felt backed into a corner. Our company and management have benefited enormously both financially and personally due to their creativity, commitment and expertise.

Terry Pitt - Managing Director, Byron Bay Taxis & Limosines

I realised we had plenty of options going forward and I needed some help in evaluating them and choosing the right ones. I found working with Hale Consulting Group amazing. They are so grounded and able to quickly and powerfully choose the right pathway out of many and offer the most suitable and sustainable strategies to make sure we arrive successfully.

Natalie Purcell - Founder , Byron Bay Detox Retreats
In my first 2 years working with John, I have grown Nickel Energy by over 150%. John made sure I set goals that were right for me. He helped me navigate the future at multiple levels, he delivered the skills and awareness my management team needed and found me the key senior management personnel I needed. John has tremendous wisdom, expertise and skill and his level of integrity are second to none.


Nick Lake - Founder, Nickel Energy

I had lots of ideas and not enough focus, which is great as a new photographer but not as a business owner. John asked me the right questions at the right time to move my business from existence and survival to a growing success. Around 85% of all new ventures fail and thanks to John, I am not one of them and I am now riding wave after wave of success.

Craig Parry - Surf & Oceanography Photographer, Craig Parry Photography

Creating a strategic plan that was mindful of our finite resources and the multiplicity of demands and views within our community required expert facilitation. John Hale’s skills in bringing our key stakeholders and issues to the table and reaching consensus on a plan were brilliant and we continue to be delighted with the outcome.

Arthur Piggot - General Manager, Kyogle Council

John asked me some tough questions that needed to be answered. His goal was not to undermine us, but make us successful. He concentrated less on the things we do well, and more on the things we must never do badly. He helped us find the opportunities where we had and could build unfair advantages.

Sein Lowry - Managing Directo, Byron Arts Factory

Our Board was only happy to go ahead when John offered us his short pay option. At the end of our initial strategy retreat with him, this gave us the freedom to pay any amount less than the agreed fee by simply writing down our ideas on where he fell down. This didn’t happen, the process was thorough and the results were extremely valuable. We then kept drawing on John’s expertise in the areas of strategy development, securing a government grant and ongoing project management supervision, over the following five years.

Allan Rush, Founding and Managing Director, Permo–Drive Group


When I had the privilege to meet John Hale, 4 years before I became a client, I was deeply impressed by his healing generosity, amazing intuition and grounded tranquillity; So when the ‘chips were down’ and the time came to prepare for and deliver on the most precious project of my life, my decision to call on John was automatic. And I never regretted it. I recommend John to anyone as a world-class therapist and coach. 
Nathalie Belle-Larant - Founder, NBL Solutions Pty Ltd
The Chairman of our Board was very supportive of engaging John as an executive coach to extend me. I believe that you never stop learning and John has challenged my boundaries and expanded my outlook at both a business and personal level. His incredible understanding of organisations, people and human nature will change your life. I am truly blessed to have him as a coach.


Glen Eagles - General Manager, Hurford Group
John provides you with the understanding and tools to make informed decisions about your future, your key relationships and the future of your business. He guides you through a process of diagnosis and prompting to focus on solutions to problems that you have put in the too hard basket or are preventing your life and your business from developing. We would without qualification recommend John as an outstanding personal and business coach. 


Paul and Lynne Thompson - Directors, Colonial Meatpackers

I engaged John for 12 months as a coach and counsellor to assist me with staying whole, healthy and compassionate through the, at times, painful deterioration and eventual death of my father earlier this year. John taught me how to relax and breathe from my centre. Under his guidance, I was able to release aspects of inter-generational trauma from my father’s heritage, personality and traits. John helped me learn to let go of judgment and anger around my father so that the words “I love you” could finally be spoken, received and felt in Dad’s final weeks. John helped me let go so that Dad could let go and go peacefully.

Julia - Special Counsel, Brisbane Law Firm
 I called on John at a time when I really needed the motivation to shift things quickly. John’s diagnosis and advice was spot on and he provided me with some excellent resources to refocus and take charge of my life. I recommend John to anyone as a top-shelf executive coach and confidant.



Chris Condon - Chairman, Condon Group

John created space for me to feel safe, adventurous and authentic. I joined John’s men’s circle 6 years ago, having just graduated from an 18-year relationship. I was an anxious and reluctant man, fearful of life and love. With John’s business and life coaching programs, I have created a new life, full of love and integrity with business, physical, mental and spiritual growth. John’s knowledge and passion for life and love was the stimulus I needed to grow again. I feel blessed to know John and to continue my work with him.

Hugh McCaffery - Owner, Cleanskincare

I was fortunate to make contact with John in my darkest hours, two years after a chance meeting with him. My husband and youngest daughter had both passed away quite recently and I felt like I did not want to go on. John’s strength and calming voice made me feel safe and able to confide in him. He showed me how to breathe properly and release the stress and deep grief that overwhelmed me. John encouraged me in so many other ways. His passion for life and helping people no matter what the situation, is amazing. Without John answering my call for help, I doubt if I would still be here.

Marlene de Vere, Business woman and Mother
I felt intuitively guided to contact you after seeing a sign outside a building offering men’s work. Then, after reading women’s testimonials on your website, I knew this was the path to take before even meeting you. During our first meeting, I felt that I could trust you with my deepest vulnerabilities and fears, finding them met and held with wisdom, depth, love, understanding and the strong life-affirming masculine presence that I really needed. Having completed the eight weeks coaching, I feel like a new person! I’ve changed, and I am happy in myself, despite life’s challenges. Others are also seeing me in a new light, as I learn to hold myself with acceptance and love. The ripple effect is amazing… confidence and movement in my work, a softening in my partner relationship, forgiveness and letting go of past hurts in the family. I’m loving who I am and where I am, and that is a miracle. With love, gratitude and appreciation of who you are.
Emma Lees, Musician and Healer

John, from the first instant we spoke I knew you were who I wanted to be working with. I was still holding shattered pieces of me so tightly in both hands. I thought I had reached the end of my reserves, you helped me gently put them down sort through them and put myself back together again, with such love, compassion, sincerity and honesty. I feel lighter. I have never felt so challenged and joyful all at once. John, you helped me see so clearly and brightly that there was nothing missing or broken or faulty. This was simply me, the way I am meant to be, in all my bright light and velvety darkness, everything is opening just as it is supposed to, life in this instant I am in and the not know ahead of me is all new and exciting again. I have felt loved, held and nurtured every step of the way. Thank you, John, you have shown me how to love the “me” that I love so much in others. I am grateful I have made this investment in myself, it’s a joy and blessing to walk with you anytime in any circumstances, shedding tears never felt so good.

Anna Boyd, Mother, Author and Teacher

With genuine concern and skill, John was able to help our family at a time of great need. We were overwhelmed by a long-standing, unresolvable and potentially life-threatening problem. By working with each of us, we finally turned the corner. John took us on a journey where we laughed and cried until we were able to let go. Thank you, John.

Ida Hancock, Wife, Mother and Grandmother


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