The Strategy Guy 

In do or die situations I help make sure businesses Do.   

I have worked with hundreds of start ups and some of the world’s biggest firms.


I realised I was the Strategy Guy when I was 14.

So did my mate Bernard.

It was a summer’s afternoon and like many Aussie kids, we were out group swimming near the river mouth when the current caught us.  We swam and swam and managed to get to shore and as we crawled up the sand, exhausted and barely able to breathe, we saw Bernard.

Bernard was still out there, a long way from shore and being carried further out – he was stuck, exhausted, struggling and in all honesty, probably not going to make it unless someone saved him. But who?  We were exhausted, he was a long way out and the current was strong. 

In that split second I became The Strategy Guy – I assessed the situation and it was life threatening. He was a long way out and emergency services and life guards were out of range.  I was exhausted. He was out of gas. I came up with a strategy – muster my energy, swim into the current, grab Bernard and guide him back to safety. I did it. I plunged in. I swam with all my remaining might and got to Bernard, who was floundering, panicking.  He was cramped and too exhausted to swim by himself,  so I adapted my strategy for the circumstances. I got Bernard in a hold and with Bernard kicking with one leg, together we swam across the current and then gradually struggled back to shore, broken but alive.  I completed the strategy.

That day, age 14, I became The Strategy Guy and saved Bernard’s life. Since then I’ve been helping businesses with their strategies in their do or die situations.

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Globally, 96% of businesses fail in less than 10 years – my keynotes, mentoring and strategy assignments ensure you and your business celebrate 11 years and beyond.

What drives me?  As The Strategy Guy, I celebrate how the right strategy can save lives and businesses.

My purpose?  As The Strategy Guy, I help leaders and teams create winning strategies and deliver results.


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The Strategy Book helps you to think differently about this digital planet. It contains twenty quick-to-read notes and exercises on how to create a strategic mindset. You will learn how to apply six steps to future-proof your business.

‘The Strategy Book helps me capture my best ideas. John’s strategic mindset process keeps me focussed on creating future value in my business.’
Dave Glover, Owner, Bluegum Property Group  

‘The Strategy Book will assist you in creating a Strategic Mindset and blueprint for success.’
James Carlopio, PhD

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