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leadership Aug 08, 2023

Both my mother and I were born in South Australia.

She was the third daughter of Ernest and Dorothy Walsh; her father was a Baptist Minister. Mum was many things: a wife, writer, harp player, auntie, poet, gardener, homemaker, teacher, seamstress, cook, historian, bodyboarder, grandmother, social justice champion, church volunteer, Rotarian, knitter, author, playwright, animal lover, community leader and public speaker.

In her life, Mum fought for nuclear disarmament, the environment and refugee children in detention. She had a brilliant bullshit meter and was deeply saddened by recent life events - like the uncovering of the child sexual abuse sickness that plagued the Church. Mum was horrified by the political rise of so-called leaders, like the hopelessly 'self-serving Morrison' and the dispassionate and 'always uninspiring' Dutton.

Mum's journey through this world was guided by eulogy virtues, not resume virtues, which these days are a rare thing. I never saw my Mum's resume...

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leadership strategy Jul 27, 2023

Be a better captain of your ship.

Tip the scales on your ship from 'what just happened' to 'we make things happen.’

The Strategy Book will help you be like ‘Jack Sparrow on Steroids.’

In today's ever-changing business oceans, the word 'strategy' may have lost some appeal. But with constant storms and increasing digital connectivity, a well-crafted strategy is more critical than ever.

Don't let past painful strategy adventures deter you. The key to success in navigating the waves lies in cultivating a Strategic Mindset.

Education through action is the key to learning! The Strategy Book provides dozens of seaworthy illustrations, insights, activities and ideas to help you excel in business.

Buy your copy of The Strategy Book here (with free shipping ;-)




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Uncategorized Jul 18, 2023

When it comes to strategies for a happy life, one of the greatest obstacles is FOMO (fear of missing out) and something economists term Hyperbolic Discounting, where people opt for short-term gains that come at the expense of long-term benefits.

Long-term results come from thinking strategically.

Strategy in life and business is hard. We need to accept our ignorance and learn to think better.

Most business owners share that they don’t make the time to work on strategy, and almost as many say they don’t have the strategic mindset needed to be more strategic.

A beginning point in becoming strategic can be to ask three fundamental questions:

Q1. What is really going on here?
Q2. What are our options?
Q3. What will we do?

Let's take longevity, for example.

Q1. What is really going on here?

Many people want to live a long life but party like it’s 1999.

Stressful jobs, big mortgages, buying the latest fashion, lots of air travel, eating fast and processed foods, taking recreational...

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keynote Jul 10, 2023

Gratitude and commendation for Joe Pezzano and Garth Taylor. 

These two remarkable individuals form a dynamic duo called 1E Group that can transform your National Conference into an absolute hit.

Last month, I had the privilege of being a keynote speaker at the Advantage Conference hosted by Garth and Joe in Perth. 

I must say, Joe and Garth's dedication and hard work in orchestrating a flawless and impactful 4-day event surpassed all expectations. From start to finish, they ensured that every attendee experienced a seamless and memorable conference.

Garth and Joe's unwavering commitment to creating an exceptional experience for all participants truly deserves applause. Their attention to detail, professionalism, and ability to handle any challenge that arose throughout the conference was truly remarkable. It was evident why Advantage and numerous other clients trust them year after year to deliver outstanding events.

For your upcoming event, I highly recommend...

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strategy Jul 04, 2023

Too many business owners run into trouble because they don't do strategy well or do strategy at all. In this podcast, I unpack the six steps needed to create a strategic mindset. Additionally, I discuss smart ways to grow your workforce and navigate the future.

Last week Shontel Ashurst from the Townsville Chamber graciously hosted me at the Mercure and created this podcast. She kindly wrote:

"It was lovely working with you John. Thank you for the strategy book; I've already started reading it and taking notes. John, you effortlessly connected and engaged with our audience. The feedback from our members was overwhelmingly positive, and your entertaining and informative presentation equipped us with the steps to future-proof our businesses. Your professionalism and knowledge on strategy are insightful and long-lasting. I will be sure to recommend you to all future clients."

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leadership strategy Jun 27, 2023
Off the stage and straight into the studio this week.
How would you like your strategy education served?
Live and hot from the stage over lunch at Mercure Townsville or...
Nicely preserved and chilled in a 25 minute Spotify Podcast Interview? 
Stay tuned for interview :-)  Hopefully next week!
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strategy Jun 20, 2023

We're doing a little happy dance because we're moving offices!

We're not just moving down the road; we're stepping up another 10 floors and setting up shop at the extraordinary Standard Building at 15 Manning Street, South Brisbane.

Our new offices are perched above the world-famous LUNE designer croissant outlet.

We'll start our workday surrounded by the irresistible aroma of freshly baked croissants, which we'll happily share with our clients.

Our new space also boasts jaw-dropping 360-degree views of beautiful Brisbane.

Whenever we need a little inspiration or a breather from our busy day, we'll step onto the terrace and feel like we're on top of the world.

A big thank you to the Emporium Hotel Concierge and Catering Teams for being an amazing chapter in our journey over the last 5 years.

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strategy Jun 12, 2023

My triumphant completion of the Brisbane Marathon last weekend filled me with an overwhelming sense of joy and accomplishment.

A few hours earlier, as I stood at the start line, surrounded by fellow runners ready to tackle the 42.195 km journey, something caught my attention.

Beside me was a runner unlike the others - he was barefoot!

I couldn't help but be amazed. How could someone even contemplate running a full marathon without shoes?

Memories flooded my mind of Abebe Bikila, the Ethiopian runner who made history in 1960. Thrust into the race at the last minute as a replacement for an injured athlete, Abebe decided to embrace the challenge and run the marathon barefoot.

And what a decision it turned out to be!

Not only did he secure victory, but he also set a new world record, leaving spectators in awe. The sheer audacity and determination of his barefoot accomplishment remain etched in my mind as the siren for the race start sounded.

There is a vast array of options we have...

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keynote strategy Jun 06, 2023

When leaders approach me after a speaking engagement, their eyes brimming with excitement, I am filled with a profound sense of connection.

As a passionate motivational speaker and author, there is no greater satisfaction than witnessing the enthusiasm and engagement of leaders who have just heard me speak at a conference. I love to surprise and delight my audiences while unpacking the steps needed to create a strategic mindset, build future perspectives and shape a brighter future.

After many of my talks, there is often an opportunity to connect with individual audience members, to learn about their trials and successes. I cherish hearing their inspiring journeys. Through their victories, I am reminded of the limitless potential within each of us. 

It is in these moments that selling copies of my books and signing them with a personalised note of encouragement becomes much more than a mere transaction; it becomes a heartfelt exchange and a catalyst for change. We shape each...

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keynote strategy May 30, 2023

I am excited to be speaking up north in Townsville.

Michael Kern and his team at the Townsville Chamber are hosting a unique business lunch and have kindly invited me to speak.

My talk will focus on the practical steps needed to develop a strategic mindset, including gaining a broader perspective on the future and how a strategic mindset can be used to promote mental resilience and greater health.

All of us are facing unprecedented challenges and opportunities in 2023. To meet these changes, I will be sharing, stories, knowledge, and tools to help business leaders become more effective and strategic.

We will learn to recognise cognitive biases, anticipate future trends, build strong relationships with stakeholders and achieve better results.


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