Coaching Options

Do you want more clarity? 

Strategy Facilitation elevates executive collaboration to create more clarity and ownership.


Wish you had better results? 

Annual Coaching gives the best results with full-day and half-day per month coaching options plus on-call support.


Need to change things fast?

Mentoring Sessions allow clients to troubleshoot tactical problems and boost their confidence. 





Christopher Dean 

Founder and Chairman 

John Hale cut quickly through to the core issues and then supported me in establishing simple yet valuable habits to manage my life more effectively, habits that I continue to use in my daily life years later.  

His insight and skills provide solutions for personal as well as corporate growth.

John operates at maximum integrity and comes highly recommended.


Vicky Mills

Chief Executive Officer

John worked with our executive team for over twelve months to help clarify our strategic approach. He ensured we had the right people 'on the bus' and 'in the right seats' and then helped point the bus in the right direction. 

It is great to have a strategy and leadership mentor with IT knowledge and a technical appreciation of the business, education and climate change space we work in. 

John kept us focused and accountable. As we move into our next growth phase, we look forward to reaching out again for John's expertise and support.


Nathalie Belle-Larant 

Founder and Author

When I had the privilege to meet John Hale, four years before I became a client, I was deeply impressed by his healing generosity, amazing intuition and grounded tranquillity. 

So when the ‚Äėchips were down‚Äô and the time came to prepare for and deliver on the most precious project of my life, my decision to call on John was automatic.

And I never regretted it. 

I recommend John to anyone as a world class therapist and coach.