A monthly program at Emporium Hotel Brisbane for business owners and corporate leaders to develop strategic thinking skills and grow a sustainable business.



John will motivate your audience with an in-person or virtual strategic mindset keynote presentation.



John will deliver a corporate education program or webinar for you to master strategic thinking and leadership skills.



John will work with your executive team to facilitate a step-by-step approach to future proof your firm.



John Hale is a Motivational Speaker, Strategy Advisor and Author. He has worked as an early-stage investor, educated hundreds of start-ups and advised some of the world’s biggest firms.

As The Strategy Guy, John has written three best-selling books on strategy, taught in business schools and spoken at global conferences. John is the Principal of Hale Consulting Group. 

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Peter Hedge

B&D National Dealer Manager

"Our entire team and network thoroughly enjoyed John’s Keynote on “Creating a Strategic Mindset” at our recent National Conference. 

John connected extremely well with the audience and made the often-challenging topic of strategy easy to understand and apply, at both a business and personal level.

John’s level of care and professionalism in preparing for our event was also excellent."


Wendy Smith

National Conference Manager

"Working with John was an absolute pleasure. He brought so much energy and professionalism as a speaker at our National Conference.

He walks in with a huge smile on his face and makes everything super easy for the organisers. He works around everything that is happening and is adaptable and flexible. Nothing is too much trouble.

John was early, calm, prepared and delivered a really insightful session that not only had the entire room singing and laughing but also debating some serious ethical questions. Is there anything he can’t do?"

Pranish Rai

Content Lead Consultant

"I really appreciated the experience of working with John in bringing together an insightful session at the 2021 National Accounting Online Conference for CA ANZ. 

John connected powerfully with an audience comprising over 400 live online delegates from within Australia, NZ and around the Globe.

John’s session was entertaining and motivating. He made, the at times confusing topic of strategy very understandable, and explained the process of future-proofing strategies for firms and accounting careers during his session.

I really look forward to hearing more from John in the areas of Strategy and Leadership."


Mark Pidcock

Dealer Principal

"We hired John to assess our culture and help us modernise the way we operate as an organisation. The result was fantastic.

Morale is much higher and we are working much more cooperatively and effectively as a result."


Nick Lake 


"In my first two years working with John, I have grown Nickel Energy by over 150%. John made sure I set goals that were right for me. He helped me navigate the future at multiple levels, he delivered the skills and awareness my management team needed and found me the key senior management personnel I needed.

John has tremendous wisdom, expertise and skill and his level of integrity is second to none."


Christopher Dean


"John cut quickly through to the core issues and then supported me in establishing simple yet valuable habits to manage my life more effectively, habits that I continue to use in my daily life years later.

His insight and skills provide solutions for personal as well as corporate growth. John operates at maximum integrity and comes highly recommended."


Vicky Mills 

Chief Executive Officer

"John worked with our executive team for over twelve months to help clarify our strategic approach. He ensured we had the right people 'on the bus' and 'in the right seats' and then helped point the bus in the right direction.

It is great to have a strategy and leadership mentor with IT knowledge and a technical appreciation of the business, education and climate change space we work in.

John kept us focused and accountable. As we move into our next growth phase, we look forward to reaching out again for John's expertise and support."


Steve Annealls 

Managing Director

"As I was listening to John Hale deliver his Strategic Mindset Keynote, I quickly got the sense that John was the right person to clarify our strategic approach and help our management team prioritize various aspects of our business.

After six months of working with John, our company is more profitable, and we better understand our opportunity costs. From the word go, John ensured our business and data were safe, and my team felt safe. John helped us set and realize short-term goals and then helped us become more accountable and profitable. Our management team has a more defined direction, and we have integrated some of John's processes into our own.

John was a tremendous help to me personally and professionally, and I highly recommend him to any business needing clarity about their future."


Damon Joseph  

Director and Owner

"At Character Builders, we believe leadership is a potent combination of character and strategy. As character building is our core strength, we regularly reach out to John Hale to deliver the strategy piece at the leadership development conferences we put together for our corporate clients.

Our clients share that working with John is incredibly insightful and fun. John is always early, calm, energetic, adaptable and highly motivational. He connects exceptionally well with audiences and delivers the mindset changes and strategic approaches needed.

John's professionalism and attention to detail in preparing for each event are excellent."

Latest book has arrived

John Hale's latest book The Strategic Accountant will help you re-invent your firm's value proposition in the era of disruption.  John will reveal that attracting and retaining clients requires accountants to juggle three value-driven and time based conversations. 


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