In thirty years of consulting, we’ve learnt a great deal about economics,
people, technology, market uncertainty, innovation and strategy.
We’d like to share it with you in three uniquely valuable ways.


We explore the emerging ideas of global thought leaders and note the inevitable decline of the strategically inept. Our consultants ‘see with fresh eyes’ for our clients, the real and frequently untapped options and downside risks. In the boardroom and on the shop floor, we know the right questions to ask. We help Business Owners, Boards and CEOs create uniquely valuable strategies that result in a positive sum game.

Our strategy workshops will identify your most uniquely profitable and sustainable strategic futures.

Context, not ego determines strategy. Move before old strategies stop working.
Enhancing strategy means being big or first or fast or waiting or shaking things up.
Uniquely profitable advantages are created with each round of enhancement we offer.


Our inspirational talks address the question,
“What are going to be your future unfair advantages?”

We educate and empower businesses to adopt guiding policies that demand a regular strategic diagnosis.

We motivate leaders to deliver superior value.

To stay relevant and focused we ask clients two equally important questions,
“What can you potentially do better than any other company?”
“What can you not do better than any other company!”


With each new strategy, we analyse our client’s financials and culture to ensure the client’s ‘tail does not wag the dog’. We examine the resource implications of strategy shifts.

We close the gaps between the client’s existing and future paradigms, to align their people and culture with their future strategy.

Our strategic cultural analysis maximises value creation and profitability.

What Our Clients Say

We hired Hale Consulting Group to assess our culture and help us modernise the way we operate as an organisation. The result was fantastic. They delivered an action packed and magical day of team building and awareness raising games and exercises. Morale is much higher and we are working much more cooperatively and effectively as a result.
Mark Pidcock - Dealer Principal, City Toyota
In my first two years working with Hale Consulting Group, I have grown Nickel Energy by over 150%. They made sure I set goals that were right for me. They helped me navigate the future at multiple levels and delivered the skills and awareness my management team needed and found me the key senior management personnel I needed. They have tremendous wisdom, expertise and skill and their level of integrity is second to none.

Nick Lake - Founder , Nickel Energy
Hale Consulting Group cut quickly through to the core issues and then supported me in establishing simple yet valuable habits to manage my life more effectively, habits that I continue to use in my daily life years later. Their insight and skills provide solutions for personal as well as corporate growth. They operate at maximum integrity and come highly recommended.

Christopher Dean - Founder, Thursday Plantation
Customer service is important for our dealers, yet we wanted an extra customer service effort right through the buying process. Hale Consulting Group led this change by crystallizing the benefits of extra effort with great results. It is rare to have a business advisors passionate about the issues and who balance changing attitudes with the discipline of personal action plans.
Bruce Loxton - Managing Director, Kimberley Group
We called on Hale Consulting Group when our company was struggling with its direction. They gave us a clear overview and proposition of options that was invaluable in leading us to make brave decisions and actions. Five years later our Company is a leader in its field and has just won the NSW Telstra Business Award as best business in its category.

Will Evans - Founder , The Purist Company
The Board identified the need to bring new and current Board Members up to date with the responsibilities of being a Director. The Board Governance Training Day Hale Consulting Group facilitated for us was well received by new and experienced Directors alike. Their knowledge, professional experience and entertaining style kept the Board engaged and made for a highly effective day.
Paul Welch - Company Secretary, NSW Sugar Milling Co-op
Hale Consulting’s greatest strengths lie in their ability to think strategically and to guide others along that path. They demonstrate very effective people management skills and can adapt their style to suit variable client groupings and scenarios. They played a significant role in the development of this Council’s overarching 2020 Strategic Plan and this required intense workshop exercises with Councillors. Soon after I invited them to assist with a radical restructure of the organization’s management team. I found their input invaluable and importantly both of these key exercises have proven to be success stories for Lismore City Council.

Paul O’Sullivan - General Manager, Lismore City Council.
We invited John Hale from Hale Consulting to facilitate our Company Development Forum. John is a skilful presenter – he extended us both as individuals and as a group. His positive energy and enthusiasm served to break down barriers, build a strong cohesiveness within the group and gave us valuable communication and relationship – building skills. I highly recommend John as a facilitator for any organisation looking to improve its internal and external communication skills.
Craig Zerk - Director, GeoLINK.
I invited John Hale from HCG to be the keynote presenter at our inaugural company development day. John helped us become more aware and cooperative as a team. He has given the entire organisation and myself a great platform from which to drive the changes necessary for our future growth and success.
Brett McLaren - Chief Executive Officer, OEM Dynamics
Whether it is organising highly successful information technology forums for our members or performing focus group consultations for thirty small rural communities of less than 5000 people and then developing appropriate health care service models, Hale Consulting Group’s breadth of experience and professional approach ensures I can be confident of a quality outcome every time.
Dr. Susan Page - National President, Rural Doctors Association
Hale Consulting Group’s lateral and clear thinking has been of immense help in those times when I have felt backed into a corner. Our company & management have benefited enormously both financially and personally due to their creativity, commitment and expertise.
Terry Pitt - Managing Director, Byron Bay Taxis & Limosines
I realised we had plenty of options going forward and I needed some help in evaluating them and choosing the right ones. I found working with Hale Consulting Group amazing. They are so grounded and able to quickly and powerfully choose the right pathway out of many and offer the most suitable and sustainable strategies to make sure we arrive successfully.
Natalie Purcell - Founder , Byron Bay Detox Retreats

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