strategy Feb 01, 2022

So who does the work?

Pareto-like Laws also apply to workforces. Half the work in your organisation is usually done by the square root of the workforce total.

So in a team of 9 people, around 3 people will do half the work. The remaining six people will do the other half of the work. This phenomenon has implications for ROI around optimal workforce sizes. e.g. If 10 out of 100 people do half the work, the other 90 do the other half. This means 100 workers out of 10,000 will do half the actual work.

Yesterday, a new client with 1000 employees shared with me that Omicron is knocking out workers in her various outlets, some of which she is considering closing. I asked if customer demand had dropped, and she was not sure. I suggested that if customer demand had also halved, then perhaps a combination of reduced opening hours and new just-in-time task allocation might be a way through.


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