strategy Apr 04, 2024

Five years ago, when finishing my first business book - 'The Strategy Book', I received a handwritten letter from accomplished leadership author Jim Collins, who is famous for identifying five levels of leadership in his book 'Good to Great'.

Jim wrote me:

"There are five levels to most things. When it comes to book writing, Level Five is called 'The Tyrant’"

April has me locked in my battle with The Tyrant, something I had hoped to have completed in early March. Indeed, 'The CEO Book' is 100% written and almost 90% complete.

When you wrestle The Tyrant, you don’t quit when you’re tired, you quit when The Tyrant says so. It is a humbling journey.

Level Five leaders, PhD candidates, authors and people who take on complex assignments all experience The Tyrant.

All those years ago, Jim inspired me to move from good to humble.

If you are in this space, don’t quit. Know that The Tyrant is here to be of service and that you can be victorious.






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