strategy Apr 01, 2022
I am excited to be partnering with QUTeX - the university for the real world, with this month’s launch of The Strategic Accountant Master Class. 
As a practising accountant, in this 20-hour self-paced online master class, you will be challenged to understand how and in which ways your firm adds value to your clients. 
You will learn ways to re-invent your firm’s value proposition to better deal with the disruption faced across the industry and better understand why automation and artificial intelligence is destroying the traditional compliance-based service firm.
At the conclusion of this master class, you will have developed the ability to understand and apply the skills required to:
>  Design your firm's value drivers through three value-driven and time-based conversations.
>  Build capabilities of Digital Acumen, Ethics and Integrity, Critical Thinking and Judgement, and an Adaptive Mindset.
>  Understand and apply the skills required for a future-focused mindset to strategically redesign your firms’ value proposition.
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