strategy Aug 02, 2021

From my visits to second-hand book shops, I have discovered that people who write inside their books finish reading them. 

Less than half the people who buy a book finish it. And less than a third finish e-books.

When writing The Strategy Book, I designed it to be a deliberate blend of strategy notes and blank pages that would capture a reader's ideas, insights and goals. Most books are one-way monologues. The Strategy Book is a two-way dialogue.

Do you ever read the same book twice?

Heraclitus said, "No one steps into the same river twice."

The next time one steps into a river, it is not the same river, and they are not the same person. Rivers flow, and people grow.

I re-read my favourite books.


The same text can foster shifting and added perspectives over a lifetime. When I re-read a great book, I am a different person. I experience the book differently, and I capture and create new value.

What book are you reading right now? 

Which books would you like to re-read?

I am re-reading 'A World Without Work' by Daniel Susskind, a British Economic Expert, who followed me as a speaker at this year's CA ANZ National Accounting Conference.

Real Estate Wealth Creation Expert and Property Coaching Guru Dave Glover tells me he writes in and keeps coming back to The Strategy Book. 

"The Strategy Book helps me capture my best ideas. John's strategic mindset process keeps me focussed on creating future value in my business." 

Dave Glover, Owner, Bluegum Property Group  



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