keynote strategy May 02, 2023

A strategic mindset is essential in today's business world where disruption is a constant.

Emerging technologies, evolving consumer preferences, and changing regulatory environments can all disrupt established business models and entire industries.

Having a strategic mindset includes understanding the forces shaping your industry and the trends likely to affect your organisation in the coming years. With a strategic mindset, leaders can anticipate challenges and opportunities and make decisions that position their firm for success.

Effective resource utilisation is also crucial. Leaders must focus on activities and initiatives that drive growth and profitability while letting go of those that no longer serve the organisation's goals. Disciplined resource allocation and avoiding chasing every shiny new opportunity can create a sustainable path to success.

Cultivating a strategic mindset among leaders can lead to benefits such as anticipating change, identifying the best growth opportunities, responding quickly to disruptions, making effective use of resources, and building a culture of innovation and agility.

If you want to develop a strategic mindset among your leaders, John Hale from HCG can help. With over 25 years of experience as a strategic advisor to businesses of all sizes, John has developed a proven methodology for building a strategic mindset that delivers results.

During his entertaining and empowering presentations (, John helps leaders appreciate the limitations of the human brain, better sense their environment, connect deliberately with stakeholders, combine focus and influence, learn the latest trends and uncertainties, and cultivate the ability to manage the present and lead the future.

In today's constantly changing business landscape, developing a strategic mindset is more important than ever. It can help you build better future perspectives, navigate the era of disruption, and allocate resources strategically.


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