leadership Dec 04, 2023

Doing leadership differently requires self-awareness. In this way, we can know ourselves as leaders and better understand others.

This week, the amazing community leaders at the Rotary Club of Paddington invited me to be their guest speaker on the topic of Conscious Leadership.

Together we learned about the three basic instincts that drive our thoughts and behaviours. As a speaker, I often find that both the entire audience and I can learn a great deal from brave audience members. Wherever possible, my goal is to bring courageous volunteers up on stage to be shining examples of the human spirit.

For instance, this week, we all learned that Debra has amazing contextual intelligence and a strong sense of purpose. As we peeled back her sweet layers, we discovered the playful, curious and creative instincts that make up Mish. Finally, the ever-reliable and loyal Steve shone through as a wonderful example of someone who is grounded, earthy and practical.

A big thank you to Debra, Mish, and Steve for being our conscious leaders and to Valerie Simons for the kind invitation to speak and for being an excellent MC.


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