strategy Apr 01, 2021

After three months of researching and writing The Strategic Accountant, the book is nearly finished :-)

This week I finished my early drafts of eight chapter illustrations for the book. 

Each 'picture tells a story' about how to become a Strategic Accountant.

1. Why accountants should learn to juggle.

2. Remember Enron and meet the 'gorilla that is still in the room'.

3. Find money 'on the ground' in any business.

4. Sow your seeds wisely and inherit the Kingdom.

5. Strategy offers us learning loops, if we are prepared to 'Live.Die.Repeat'.

6. Why you might like part of a Neanderthal Brain in your head.

7. 'Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast'.

8. Future-proof your accounting firm with AI and 'bots'.

A special thanks to my wonderful reviewers:  Bryan Worn, Dale Edwards, Natasha Milne, Natalie Kidcaff, James Carlopio, Oscar Hauptman, Dolores Cummins, Brad Reece and Tom Smith.


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