strategy Jun 30, 2022


Our exponentially exploding world of connected technology is driving society faster and faster, creating ubiquitous Bull Markets and Governing our lives in new, unexpected ways.


Faster chips result in reduced learning curves; Hyper connectivity results in more rapid global scaling; AI-enabled just-in-time supply chains mean zero wait times for many goods; There clouds and clouds of vulnerable data we could ultimately lose or have stolen; Data-driven dynamic competitive pricing models are fierce; and millions of crooked cyber actors are popping up all over the place. 

Bull markets are everywhere.

Technology brings rapid change. Technology creates bull markets for hosts of things. e.g. AfterPay Apps, Crypto Currencies, Cheaper Trading platforms, Fake News, Viral Videos, Vaccine Passports, etc.

Technology is neither good nor bad. Nor is technology neutral.

Technology also brings rapid and unexpected dislocations to our social order. To mitigate this, we need to be aware, adjust and act sooner. 


Our society is held together by millions of unspoken rules, values and norms. Yet, our expectations of the world and each other are being continually disrupted by new forms of technology that now govern our behaviour and our lives.

For example, I could not depart Australia recently unless I had email running on my iPhone. Don't consider leaving home without your email on your phone, or your movements and freedoms may be quickly halted.

Because I refuse to be part of Zuckerberg's social media network, many groups and individuals wedded to his meta-verse can't connect or do business with me in my world!

We can't prevent the moulding of our lives by these tech-driven bulls, but collectively, if we stay socially aware, adjust the rules and act quickly, we can have a say.



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