keynote strategy May 09, 2023

Throughout history, heading in that direction has always led to great opportunities. And in just one week, I'll be heading to Perth's Crown for this year's Advantage Conference - I'm pumped!

But wait, it gets better. I'll be sharing the stage with some seriously cool people: the high-energy, quick-witted Andrew Gill, communication master Bruce Cotterill, and adventure extraordinaire James Castrission, who holds not one, but TWO Guinness World Records.

Andrew will be the MC, keeping us all entertained and engaged, while Bruce shares his tips for effective communication and building meaningful relationships. And James? He'll be sharing his insane stories of adventure to inspire us all.

As for me, I'll be sharing practical skills and reliable action steps for leaders to navigate the ever-changing world of disruption, build future perspectives, and allocate resources like a boss. See www.halecg.com/keynote

I'm ready for an incredible conference and the chance to learn from these awesome individuals - bring on the West!



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