strategy Sep 02, 2021

When we think about the future, there is always a mixture of certainty and uncertainly around the corner. Generally speaking, the future is always inconvenient! 

If things were certain, then strategy would be easy. Right?

I like to call things that are certain 'mega-trends, and I often share six of them with my audiences. They are:

  •  Global Warming
  •  Water Scarcity
  •  Ageing Populations 
  •  Increasing Urbanisation 
  •  The Rising Middle Class
  •  AI and Automation 

These are six huge trends that are not going to change any time soon. Mega-trends are things we can bank on, and it makes a lot of sense to formulate our strategy with mega-trends in mind.

Below is a link to a 30 min YouTube interview I recorded with an expert on Global Warming to give us an update and the best approaches for dealing with Climate Change.


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