leadership Feb 20, 2024

Over the holidays, I have been working hard on my latest book, The CEO Book.

At the heart of effective leadership lies the art of managing oneself.

My latest book navigates the twelve habits of highly successful CEOs. One of the twelve habits is to Manage Your Personal Effectiveness. This chapter has three sections: Prioritise Self-Care, Balance Work and Life and Cultivate Support Networks.

In the section under self-care, I returned to the poignant findings of Peter Attia's 'Outlive,' which outlines three distinct health futures that we may embark upon at any age.

Peter’s paths are a sober reminder of the power of choice.

The default path, reminiscent of my grandparents' journey, is a stark example of how habitual inactivity and average daily routines can lead to a stark decline in health after 40, often resulting in a life that ends too soon.

In contrast, the path of advanced medical intervention, as experienced by my father, demonstrates how even with a sedentary lifestyle, modern medicine can extend our years, though perhaps not the quality of those years.

Yet, there is a third path, one that illuminates the potential of a life fully lived. It's a path defined by the Five Pillars: regular exercise, embracing the sun's warmth, meditation, periods of digital absence, restful sleep, hydration and healthy nutrition. This path also values the richness of relationships.

In The CEO Book, I share narratives and insights, not to instruct but to offer a map for those CEOs seeking to navigate their own course towards a vital future, where leadership is as much about leading oneself as it is about leading others.

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