strategy Oct 02, 2021

Maturity comes with age.

Mature people have learnt not to take their life so seriously. Paradoxically, however, people who didn't take their health seriously and create some wealth when they were young may experience fewer options and have fewer years to enjoy before they die. Ageing Populations are one of the six mega-trends I share with my conference audiences.

These mega-trends are:

  •  Global Warming
  •  Water Scarcity
  •  Ageing Populations 
  •  Increasing Urbanisation 
  •  the Rising Middle Class
  •  AI and Automation 

Mega-trends are things that are not going to change any time soon. Mega-trends are things we can bank on, and it makes sense to formulate our strategy with mega-trends in mind.

In this blog, I have included an interview with an expert on Ageing and Finance who shares some pearls of wisdom around ageing and strategies for living a happy and fulfilling life.



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