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In 2009, I had the privilege of coaching a promising young photographer named Craig for six months as he began his journey with his start-up, Eye Reflect Photo.

Craig, whose skills were as vast as his love for the ocean, and I had crossed paths six years earlier in a surf shop in Lismore, where I bought a surf watch from him. Craig’s sparkling blue eyes and radiant smile were unforgettable.

Craig had limited himself by not choosing to use his own name for his business out of respect for the famed golfer Craig Parry. So together, we came up with Craig Parry Photography.

From my perspective, Craig possessed limitless talent and passion. He just needed greater confidence and direction. I encouraged Craig to shift his focus from weddings and portraits and specialise in surf and oceanography photography.

I happily ventured to suggest that Craig would one day soon become a photographer for National Geographic.

Taking my idea seriously, Craig dedicated himself to his craft and has been contributing as an oceanography photographer to National Geographic for over ten years.

There are countless gifted youths out there who need something to believe in and someone to believe in them.

I was honoured to be that person for Craig.

Could you be that person for someone?


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