At Hale Consulting Group (HCG), our role as strategic advisors is to make sure our business clients figure out what their customers want before their customers do and at times help our clients ‘kill their favorite children’.

Every successful business ultimately makes a series of killer moves, which are either winning or losing moves. Where the number of winning moves outstrips the losing ones, success ensures. When losing moves outweigh winning ones, failure is certain.

The right move at the right time is great. A well-timed winning move may involve staking out new white spaces, revitalizing old trails, exiting businesses, consolidation or slow continuous improvement. A good example is Apple, who has made it’s share of wrong moves and yet it made enough right moves at the right time to win many times:

  1. The very first Apple Computer and the iPhone were examples of ‘staking out a new whites spaces’.
  1. The iPad was an example of ‘revitalizing old trails’. Tablets had existed along with kindle readers long before iPad.
  1. When Jobs was reappointed in 1995, he destroyed more than 5/6 of the product range and ‘exited businesses’ including printers and peripherals.
  1. Apple consolidated iPod features into iTouch, which then went into iPhone. They cannibalized existing products in favor of ‘consolidation’
  1. Successive generations of iPhone and MacBook are great examples of ‘slow continuous improvement.’

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Remember, no move is still a move, if it is done consciously. However, if you are ‘asleep at the wheel’, it’s still your move!