Are you in a business that needs strategic renewal?  Watch for KLOGW.

To often in practice, business strategy is reactive and responsive, instead of proactive and pre-emptive. In most cases, the acceptance that new strategies are required, are delayed until it is clear old strategies are not working. Hence the status quo is preserved as long as the outcomes are acceptable and, even then, initiatives for change are implemented reluctantly. To often, there is a reluctant approach to strategic change. Left unchecked order moves towards disorder.

If this pattern of reluctant change remains within the company culture, a widening misalignment between the company’s strategy and what’s happening in the industry occurs. Proactive competitors gain the upper hand. The reluctant incumbent stays in catch-up mode, with each round of enhancement, until one day, the ability to catch up is finally extinguished. Boltzmann’s entropy formula S=KLogW, takes greater and greater effect.

There is good news however, if you are willing to be proactive. HCG’s most successful clients find engaging us for quarterly offsite days, that address solely strategic issues are the gold standard for sustained success and for keeping entropy at the door. Annual offsite retreats dealing with strategic issues are the minimum standard any company should adopt.