HCG recently commenced a Strategic Learning assignment for a statewide workforce across 30 offices. Helping the client understanding how employees’ brains organize themselves and learn in the workplace will be key.

When it comes to conscious thinking (e.g. prioritizing our day, developing ideas, writing this blog) our mental capacity is finite and our brains tire quickly. We need both rest and glucose to optimize performance. To give our brains a hand, we might see our conscious thinking a bit like bench pressing. Good rests are needed between heavy sets and if we are wanting to succeed at powerlifting with our brains throughout the day, we will need lots of breaks (on more menial tasks) and some healthy food, water and exercise to re-energize.

Our unconscious thinking might include driving a car, returning emails, folding clothes, work-outs, swimming and other well-learned or already mastered activities.

Our brains learn best when prior knowledge is incorporated, materials are personally meaningful and we are exposed to a good mix of visuals with text and at other times animation (visual) with narration (auditory).

For me right now, prep for my next client presentation is completed and this blog is done and about to be scheduled. Time to give my brain a rest. I’m off to pool for some laps!