This year, forget ‘The Hunger Games’ and even next year’s Olympic Games. The biggest game to watch during 2015 is the Smart Phone Shopping Game.

In Australia, more than half of all e-commerce purchases are now made from a smart phone. This means your business could quickly fall off the radar in a few short years or even months, if you fail to offer products or services via a mobile shopping cart.

Let me offer some current stats:

  • 90% of Australians (nearly 24 million) live in urban areas.
  • 80% of Australians now shop on the internet.
  • Australia has 30 million registered mobile connections. That’s a lot of smart phones!
  • 45% of Australians have social media accounts. That’s a lot of followers who could become loyal customers!

The best use of social media from a business standpoint is post smart links from your business website to social media, so your followers and ‘friends’ click back to your website, join your tribe or subscribe to your loyal customer updates/emails/apps and shop with you.

Next Steps

So a first step is to make sure your website is smart phone and mobile friendly. Next, place some valuable items for sale in your mobile shopping cart.

Keep your head and your business in the game.

If you can’t yet fit one of your own products or services into your mobile shopping cart, then sell a third-party product that aligns with what you do and where your business is going. This will keep your head and your business in the game – the biggest game in town!!