Be Strategic


Be strategic rather than overwhelmed this year.

If you are already overwhelmed this year, you are probably not being very strategic!

Better to do a few things well. Wouldn’t you agree?

Most people have too much on their plate! Make 2020 the year to focus your resources on one or two pivotal objectives, whose success will lead to a cascading series of benefits.

What a difference three daily goals can make!

At the end of each day, I like to reflect on all the gifts my day brought me. Sometimes I journal. However, I always get three goals for the next day down in writing before I leave my office.

I also make sure that at least one of tomorrow’s activities supports my pivotal strategic objective. Which for me this year is growing my speaking business and being even smarter with Google.

Q1. What are your one or two pivotal objectives for 2020?    Read more here.   

Q2. Can you create an end of day ritual which includes writing the next day’s top three goals? 


About BLOG Author | John Hale – The Strategy Guy

John Hale is the founder of Hale Consulting Group and author of The Strategy Book. John has worked as an early stage investor and advisor for over twenty-years. He has worked with leaders from Fortune 500 and mid-sized companies to start-ups and public sector organisations. John has been a Visiting and Adjunct Professor teaching strategy, entrepreneurship, project management and ethics at various institutions including Singapore Management University, Bond University and Melbourne Business School.

John’s popular conference talks include:

Future-Proof – Create a strategic mindset
Future Customer – Shift loyalty to your brand
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