Incredible Diversity at Rotary

I was delighted to stumble upon something incredible in my recent talk to Rotary Hamilton at the Royal Queensland Golf Club. The Rotary audience was my most diverse group ever (out of literally hundreds of audiences); with the Byron Bay Chamber of Commerce some 15 years ago, having been the second most diverse. 

During my talk, we worked through the Spiral Dynamics model created by Clare Graves and shed light on new ways to connect people ‘When Worlds Collide’. We discovered that Diversity and Creativity go hand in hand and why Rotary is one of the most connected and creative charitable organisations in the world.  Thank you to Chairman Rutian Mi (pictured) for the invitation to speak. 

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Keynote to AHRI and intelliHR

I am looking forward to sharing my highly interactive keynote ‘When Worlds Collide.’ with the Australian Human Resource Institute and intelliHR in Brisbane this Wednesday. I will be sharing that to successfully work with the ‘elephants in the room’, leaders need to approach issues, conflicts and dilemmas with an understanding of the underlying value sets of those involved. Our potential as human beings can be realized by better understanding our own values and those of others. In fact, without doing so, we limit the source of new ideas and lower our organization’s creativity. 

Registrations are open on the AHRI website or contact

Feel free to invite colleagues from your organization to inspire conversation across all functional areas, and by doing so, promote more productive, inclusive and diverse workplaces.

AHRI Members – Free / Non-members – $20.00

For further details contact:
Andrea O’Halloran – 0439 077 630

Convenor AHRI QLD Diversity & Inclusion Network

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Keynote for AHRI Brisbane in February

I am looking forward to joining the Australian HR Institute on Wednesday 20 February 2019. My keynote will be ‘When Worlds Collide – A conversation about conflict, diversity and human performance.’ I will be sharing that our potential as human beings can be realized better by understanding our own values and those of others, to reduce conflict, embrace diversity and maximize performance.

Registrations are now open on the AHRI website at or contact

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