The Strategy Book contains 18 strategic planning tools to help you cultivate a Strategic Mindset and future proof your business.

One of the 18 tools is the Industry Attractiveness Model by Harvard Professor Michael Porter.

From time to time every business needs to review the attractiveness of the industry in which they are operating. The various forces that make up an industry change over time. When all the lights are green, industry profitability is high. When all the lights are red, profitability disappears.

A quick snapshot of the Professional Speaking industry at the moment reveals that due to a number of factors, including the travel restrictions around the coronavirus, personal speaking is not as attractive as it was 12 months ago.

How has the recent royal commission, bushfires, drought, floods and pandemic impacted your industry?


About BLOG Author | John Hale – Strategic Futurist Speaker

John Hale is the founder of Hale Consulting Group and author of The Strategy Book. John has worked as an early stage investor and advisor for over twenty-years. He has worked with leaders from Fortune 500 and mid-sized companies to start-ups and public sector organisations. John has been a Visiting and Adjunct Professor teaching strategy, entrepreneurship, project management and ethics at various institutions including Singapore Management University, Bond University and Melbourne Business School.

John’s popular conference talks include:

Future-Proof – Create a strategic mindset
Future Customer – Shift loyalty to your brand
Future Culture – Nurture workforce talent
Digital Futures – Grow digital wings

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