As a Strategic Thought Leader in the Legal Profession, I often hear the phrase ‘Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast.’  I also notice that those sharing this message are NOT the ones charged with creating the Strategy and charting the Future of the Firm.

A firm’s Culture is indeed powerful. Culture is also subject to Inertia, Entropy, and Bias; three things that interfere with the proper diagnosis, formulation, and execution of Strategy.

Instead of eating Strategy, Culture can be aligned in such a way, that it serves up Strategy for Breakfast. That way your law firm will start each day eating the right stuff.

Many law firms are bewildered by the new rules, that will accompany the emerging ‘deep learning’ technologies. At this time, it is critical to making sure your firm has the best people at the top, driving the strategy. Creating your firm’s Strategic Future should be the first order of business. Once the future is clear, then it will be time to align your Culture with it.