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“The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.”
Michael Porter


Thinking about future options and choosing strategically are critical to success.

Without options and smart choices, businesses will not…

Evolve in changing circumstances and new contexts.
See how small their customer switching costs really are.
Move on before old strategies stop working.
Hold onto their best people and stay relevant.

HCG’s strategy workshops identify uniquely valuable and open-ended strategic futures.


Our workshops let you decide your destiny in three steps…


Once the right people are in the right seats, we facilitate conversations that…

Deliver a clear dispassionate view of the future industry value chain.
Revisit the founder’s values & challenge the organizational DNA.
Consider 3 future horizons for demand, customers, competitors & suppliers.
Assess the industry forces & create a reliable strategy canvas.


To ensure you create a uniquely valuable proposition, we…

Ask how the business is going to compete in the future value chain.
Help you make choices about which industries & markets to participate in.
Decide with you the products/services to be offered, and to which customers.
Ensure the product-market positioning & relationship choices are right.


We identify the capability platforms & activities you’ll need to succeed.

Your performance is strongly influenced by five elements:

Competence and Experience
Culture and Commitment
Structure and Systems

We work with you on these five elements to help make the competition irrelevant.

When strategy drives value, it takes pressure off the price and helps you take profits.


Your next winning move could be to enhance strategy by…

Being the first to stake out new white spaces.
Growing bigger though slow continuous improvement.
Exiting a declining and less profitable product-market.
Shaking up the market by revitalizing an old trail that captures latent demand.
Consolidating and then deliberately waiting for the next big thing.
Deciding how the business is going to compete within the future industry value chain.

While you don’t have to necessarily be the best in your industry, HCG will ensure that you have a unique and profitable value proposition that creates sustainable competitive advantages with open-ended options.

“In my first two years working with HCG, I have grown Nickel Energy by over 150%. They made sure I set goals that were right for me. They helped me navigate the future at multiple levels and delivered the skills and awareness my management team needed and found me the key senior management personnel I needed. They have tremendous wisdom, expertise and skill and their level of integrity is second to none.”

Nick Lake – Founder, Nickel Energy

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