The elephant in the room

Like a chess player, every business makes a series of moves. If the number of winning moves outweighs the losing ones, the business may survive. When winning moves significantly outstrip losing moves, business thrives. Deciding to wait is considered a move when it is done consciously. 

Every business suffers from inertia, entropy and bias. When these three forces take a significant hold, businesses will ‘fall asleep at the wheel.’ Once asleep, businesses start to believe they can’t predict the future and believe they have little hope of changing the future. Left unchecked, this pattern of thinking becomes the elephant in the room. Such beliefs can reduce the competitiveness and profitability of a business and such a firm will eventually fail. 

The best approach to the future is to predict it and create it


Our most successful clients commit to three high-level days 

Can you commit to three high-level days?

Our most successful clients commit themselves to three high-level days every six to twelve months.

Would you be interested in setting aside three high-level days to create a strategic mindset? Should you equip yourself and your team with forward-thinking skills that will help you to outstrip the competition and future-proof your business?

HCG offers world-class strategy facilitation in three linked days over three weeks. Weekly spacing gives your executive team time between sessions to test perspectives and connect the dots between future markets, customer needs, the strategy and the capabilities needed to implement the strategy. This process helps create uniquely valuable and sustainable advantages, that are the hallmarks of a great business.

Strategy Testimonials

Hale Consulting Group cut quickly through to the core issues and then supported me in establishing simple yet valuable habits to manage my life more effectively, habits that I continue to use in my daily life years later. Their insight and skills provide solutions for personal as well as corporate growth. They operate at maximum integrity and come highly recommended.

Christopher Dean - Founder, Thursday Plantation

We called on Hale Consulting Group when our company was struggling with its direction. They gave us a clear overview and proposition of options that was invaluable in leading us to make brave decisions and actions. Five years later our Company is a leader in its field and has just won the NSW Telstra Business Award as best business in its category.

Will Evans - Founder , The Purist Company

Hale Consulting’s greatest strengths lie in their ability to think strategically and to guide others along that path. They demonstrate very effective people management skills and can adapt their style to suit variable client groupings and scenarios. They played a significant role in the development of this Council’s overarching 2020 Strategic Plan and this required intense workshop exercises with Councillors. Soon after I invited them to assist with a radical restructuring of the organization’s management team. I found their input invaluable and importantly both of these key exercises have proven to be success stories for Lismore City Council.

Paul O’Sullivan - General Manager, Lismore City Council.

Hale Consulting Group’s lateral and clear thinking has been of immense help in those times when I have felt backed into a corner. Our company and management have benefited enormously both financially and personally due to their creativity, commitment and expertise.

Terry Pitt - Managing Director, Byron Bay Taxis & Limosines

I realised we had plenty of options going forward and I needed some help in evaluating them and choosing the right ones. I found working with Hale Consulting Group amazing. They are so grounded and able to quickly and powerfully choose the right pathway out of many and offer the most suitable and sustainable strategies to make sure we arrive successfully.

Natalie Purcell - Founder , Byron Bay Detox Retreats
In my first 2 years working with John, I have grown Nickel Energy by over 150%. John made sure I set goals that were right for me. He helped me navigate the future at multiple levels, he delivered the skills and awareness my management team needed and found me the key senior management personnel I needed. John has tremendous wisdom, expertise and skill and his level of integrity are second to none.


Nick Lake - Founder, Nickel Energy

I had lots of ideas and not enough focus, which is great as a new photographer but not as a business owner. John asked me the right questions at the right time to move my business from existence and survival to growing success. Around 85% of all new ventures fail and thanks to John, I am not one of them and I am now riding wave after wave of success.

Craig Parry - Surf & Oceanography Photographer, Craig Parry Photography

Creating a strategic plan that was mindful of our finite resources and the multiplicity of demands and views within our community required expert facilitation. John Hale’s skills in bringing our key stakeholders and issues to the table and reaching consensus on a plan were brilliant and we continue to be delighted with the outcome.

Arthur Piggot - General Manager, Kyogle Council

John asked me some tough questions that needed to be answered. His goal was not to undermine us, but make us successful. He concentrated less on the things we do well, and more on the things we must never do badly. He helped us find the opportunities where we had and could build unfair advantages.

Sein Lowry - Managing Directo, Byron Arts Factory

Our Board was only happy to go ahead when John offered us his short pay option. At the end of our initial strategy retreat with him, this gave us the freedom to pay any amount less than the agreed fee by simply writing down our ideas on where he fell down. This didn’t happen, the process was thorough and the results were extremely valuable. We then kept drawing on John’s expertise in the areas of strategy development, securing a government grant and ongoing project management supervision, over the following five years.

Allan Rush, Founding and Managing Director, Permo–Drive Group

Day One

Once the right people are in the right seats, we facilitate conversations that deliver a clear and dispassionate view of the future industry value chain. We revisit the founder’s values and challenge the organisational DNA. We consider three future horizons for demand, customers, competitors and suppliers.

The agenda for the first day includes:

> Customer needs and preferences
> Prevailing and future competitive conditions
> The emerging structure of the industry
> The potential for future profitability
> The future industry value chain

Day Two

To ensure you create a uniquely valuable proposition, we ask how the business is going to compete in the future value chain. We help you make choices about which industries and markets to participate in. We help you to specify which products and services will be offered to which customers. We ensure the product-market positioning and relationship choices are right.

The agenda for the second day includes:

> Identifying white spaces and black swans
> Spinning hedgehogs
> What can we do better than any other company?
> What can’t we do better than any other company?
> What does value innovation look like?

Day Three

We identify the capability platforms and activities you’ll need to succeed. Your performance is strongly influenced by five elements: competence and experience; culture and commitment; structure and systems; management and people.

The agenda for the third day includes:

> Hockey sticks and capability platforms
> Resource and capability limits
> Likely returns on capital
> Competencies, structure, systems and processes
> How to engage your people and culture

Winning moves

Your next winning move could be to enhance strategy by…

Being the first to stake out new white spaces
Growing bigger through slow continuous improvement
Exiting a declining and less profitable product-market
Shaking up the market by revitalizing an old trail that captures latent demand
Consolidating and then deliberately waiting for the next big thing
Deciding how the business is going to compete within the future industry value chain

If you need a clearer view of the future and would like to advance in your business, HCG will ensure that you have a unique and profitable value proposition that creates sustainable competitive advantages.