Intellectual Property (IP) is often a waste of valuable time and resources. The choice to get your IP locked in before developing your product or service makes no sense if reducing your ‘time to market’ is the other alternative, especially in industries with rapid technology changes.

Sometimes it’s best to clip on your skis, change gears and get going.

The best products and services available to humanity are the result of people copying already great ideas and improving on them and taking them to market sooner. Xerox PARC developed the GUI (Graphical User Interface) that Steve Jobs copied and improved on to give the world the Mac OS. Left to its own devices, Xerox would have taken decades to commercialize its GUI and critically, Jobs would never have been able to improve on it if the GUI had been locked out by a restrictive IP.

At HCG we help growing businesses see clearly which items are critical path items and which are not.

Do you have a great idea you’d like to take to market but aren’t sure how to proceed?

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