This week, a conference client 👩🏻‍💼 gave me follow-up feedback she had polled from an audience of professionals I spoke with last month.  From my audience, 78% indicated that my keynote speech entitled Growing Digital Wings, exceeded their expectations 🥇.  A further 22% indicated that my speech met their expectations 🥈and no audience members indicated that my speech fell short of expectations. This sort of feedback is almost useless to me as a professional speaker… 🤔 Let me share why.

Every time I speak, one or more people come up after and share how much they enjoyed my speech. Rather than basking in their praise, I simply say, “Thank you, what did you like about it?” They pause and then share.  This sort of feedback is real gold 🏆 to me as a speaker, as it lets me know specifically what worked. If my key message and the way it was received is not something they mention, then I know I have more work 🎯 to do on my speech.

Feedback is the breakfast of champions, and not all breakfasts are alike. 🍐🍑🥐🥞