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Our entire team and network thoroughly enjoyed John’s Keynote on Creating a Strategic Mindset at our recent National Conference. John connected extremely well with the audience and made the often-challenging topic of strategy easy to understand and apply, at both a business and personal level. John’s level of care and professionalism in preparing for our event was also excellent.

Peter Hedge - National Accredited Dealer Manager , B&D Doors

We hired Hale Consulting Group to assess our culture and help us modernize the way we operate as an organization. The result was fantastic. John delivered an action-packed and magical day of team building and awareness raising games and exercises. Morale is much higher and we are working much more cooperatively and effectively as a result.

Mark Pidcock - Dealer Principal, City Toyota

Customer service is important for our dealers, yet we wanted an extra customer service effort right through the buying process. Hale Consulting Group led this change by crystallizing the benefits of extra effort with great results. John has spoken at our national dealer conference three years running. It is rare to have a business advisor passionate about the issues and who balance changing attitudes with the discipline of personal action plans.

Bruce Loxton - Managing Director, Kimberley Group

The Board identified the need to bring new and current Board Members up to date with the responsibilities of being a Director. The Board Governance Training Day John Hale from Hale Consulting Group facilitated for us was well received by new and experienced Directors alike. His knowledge, professional experience, and entertaining style kept the Board engaged and made for a highly effective day.

Paul Welch - Company Secretary, NSW Sugar Milling Co-op

We invited John Hale from Hale Consulting to facilitate our Company Development Forum. John is a skillful presenter – he extended us both as individuals and as a group. His positive energy and enthusiasm served to break down barriers, build a strong cohesiveness within the group and gave us valuable communication and relationship – building skills. I highly recommend John as a facilitator for any organization looking to improve its internal and external communication skills.

Craig Zerk - Director, GeoLINK.

I invited John Hale from HCG to be the keynote presenter at our inaugural company development day. John helped us become more aware and cooperative as a team. He has given the entire organization and myself a great platform from which to drive the changes necessary for our future growth and success.

Brett McLaren - Chief Executive Officer, OEM Dynamics

Whether it is organizing highly successful information technology forums for our members or performing focus group consultations for thirty small rural communities of less than 5000 people and then developing appropriate health care service models, Hale Consulting Group's breadth of experience and professional approach ensures I can be confident of a quality outcome every time.

Dr. Susan Page - National President, Rural Doctors Association

We were delighted with John Hale’s keynote presentation Growing Digital Wings at our annual digital conference. John’s presentation was so well received, that we scheduled it again on the second day of the conference, so even more people could learn from John.

Margaret Blade - CEO , Regional Development Australia

I think John’s 'Basic Instinct' presentation to our members was one of the best presentations we have seen at AIEA. As a speaker, John captured our attention early and earned our trust quickly, so that the true nature of the leaders in the audience could be revealed, shared and celebrated. I recommend John as a highly skilled professional speaker, who can adapt quickly and add significant value to a leadership audience. We look forward to having John back to speak again next year.

Mal Walker - Chairman , Australasian Interim Executive Association

John Hale is a popular speaker with our members. His presentations are engaging, with serious information provided in a light and fun way. We thoroughly enjoyed his two keynote presentations to us last year. John has a rare combination of business knowledge and intuition with people. I highly recommend him as a professional speaker who can engage and interact brilliantly with any audience. We are looking forward to having him back to speak again this year.

Kathleen Lewis - President, Brisbane Southside Chamber of Commerce

John Hale’s keynote speech “When Worlds Collide” to our members was highly entertaining, educational and extremely well received. The feedback after John’s talk included comments and remarks like “Great learnings”, “Very thought-provoking”, “I loved the interactivity” and “I can apply what I learned to my workplace." This was the second time I have heard John present and I am really looking forward to hearing him speak again soon.

Andrea O’Halloran – Convenor, AHRI Diversity & Inclusion Network & AHRI Mining & Resources Network

John Hale delivered an entertaining, interactive and informative keynote presentation on “Doing Leadership Differently” at our annual IPA Victoria Congress. The feedback from our members was overwhelmingly positive and John was mentioned a number of times in response to our survey asking members what they enjoyed most about the Congress.

Sarah Cooke - Professional Development Executive, Institute of Public Accountants

We loved that John accepted our invitation to speak. John is a highly inspirational speaker who connects powerfully with people. John’s interactive talk "When Worlds Collide" showed us the value codes that makeup humanity. I heard one guest share, "I really learned a lot tonight. I learned that when worlds collide, it is not countries or people that collide, but their value sets. To understand people, we need to meet them at the same level as their values!” Great work John and thank you.

Rutian Mi - President, Hamilton Rotary Club

At the June 2019 Expressway Network Forum, we were treated to an exceptional presentation by Keynote Speaker, John Hale, on 'The Power of Interpersonal Influence'.  This is the third time John has spoken in as many years, but we never grow tired of his enlightening, and professionally delivered presentations.  John got the audience involved in a demonstration of how to increase the impact of what is said by building early audience rapport.  John's relaxed style and concisely structured presentation delivered a message that the audience easily understood - great entertainment and really good takeaways.

Ian Gilbert, Queensland Government

Our Vision for Learning at The Geelong College includes helping our senior students plan and prepare for their lives beyond school. John Hale’s interactive keynote ‘Will I ever do this again?’ to our Year 12 cohort was well received. John gave students an empowering and inspiring message with a real-world view of the digital economy and future jobs. We look forward to inviting John back to share more of his wisdom about life beyond school and the world of work, with our future graduating classes.

Joan Gill - Director Student Wellbeing, The Geelong College



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