The right people for your team are the ones that don’t require your time to manage or motivate them.  If a person takes a lot of your time to manage or motivate, you have probably made a hiring mistake and it’s best you manage them out promptly.

Now you need to find a replacement.

There are many secrets to ensuring you hire the right person this time around; including both values alignment and cultural compatibility.

Another important secret is assessing a person’s locus of control mechanism.  At interview, assess how the candidate will view the world when facing both workplace success and failure?

When things are rosy, the right people always give credit to those around them. They remain humble. They look out the window to find reasons for their current good fortunes.

When things go bad, the right people never blame the situation or others around them. They own the problem. They look in the mirror to find ways to become even more responsible for fixing things.

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