Leadership Intelligence™ Program Facilitators John Hale and Sam Ramakrishnan deliver a scientifically proven and interactive program with a rich mixture of strategic, relational and self-awareness experiences with tools to maximize leadership effectiveness. John and Sam bring together forty years experience educating executives. John has post-graduate degrees in Business, Education, and Human Performance and is a Visiting Professor of Management. Sam has a Ph.D. in Biomedical Science with Neuroscience Fellowships at Harvard Medical School.


Use all your leadership intelligence  

Harness untapped potential to overcome…

〉Stress, conflict and poor employee performance.
〉Employee disengagement and turnover.
〉Lost market share, customers, and profits.
〉Feelings of being uncertainty.
〉Frustrations with managers and employees.
〉Negative leadership evaluations from your people.


Join our two-day program for established and aspiring C-Suite Executives

Transform your Leadership and your Life…

〉Enjoy greater clarity, creativity, and productivity.
〉Build world-class teams.
〉Find new ways to grow market share.
〉Empower new strategic conversations.
〉Overcome your instinctual blind spots.
〉Enhance your spiritual quotient as a leader.

Our two-day programs are offered on a Thursday and Friday at a Hilton Hotel near you.
Tuition, lunch, and refreshments for the two days is $4400 inc GST.
Applications close 14 days prior to enable preparatory materials to sent out prior.

Enquiries academy@halecg.com or +61 421 454 209 or +61 407 301 200. 

Hilton Hotels are located in the heart of the CBD and feature state-of-the-art surroundings, modern accommodation, award-winning dining and ample space for meetings and events.
Hilton is kindly offering program participants a 20% discount for accommodation.


9 am til 5 pm on 19-20 July 2018 – Hilton Brisbane.

9 am til 5 pm on 18-19 October 2018 – Hilton Brisbane.

Enquiries academy@halecg.com +61 421 454 209 or +61 407 301 200.