This year Stormy Daniels offered us a metaphor for the tension between talent and passion. Daniels says that despite his obvious passion for the bedroom, Trump lacks talent. Ouch! 🤨 According to TV’s 60 minutes, Daniels’ real passions are horse riding 🐴 and wide open spaces; yet her bedroom talents 💋 (on camera) have brought her significant financial success. Sex aside, Trump’s talents for negotiation, litigation and dealmaking are world class. Both Daniels and Trump have made great careers and money using their talents. They engage their passions (unlike a former President) outside of work and The Oval Office.
The mantra of following our passion and doing what we love, with the belief that the money will follow, is often risky.🤡 Follow your talent, not your passion. Go where your talents are valued,💰 rather than having a job or role that looks cool on social media.

ADVICE: Find out what you are good at (early on in your career) and make the decision to be great at it. You may not love what you are good at, but if you don’t hate it, as you gain money and recognition, you may like your mastered talent and one day come to love your 😍 work.