A review of history reveals that massive wealth came from a handful of strategies:

1. Own stock that generates streams of cash. e.g. Warren Buffet.

2. Control a network. e.g. Telstra.

3. Have a legislated monopoly by being the only ones. e.g. Lawyers.

4. Have a natural monopoly by being huge. e.g. Amazon.

5. Find the worst place in the world to do business. e.g. Putin and other oligarchs in post-communist Russia.

6. Governments giving organisations money belonging to future generations, because they were institutions deemed ‘too big to fail’. e.g. Bank of America.

Strategic conversations should reveal the right choices; like claiming new white spaces, revitalising old trails, existing businesses, consolidating or slow continuing improvement. Advantages come from increasing returns to scale, market share, IP or branding.

Intelligent C-Suite Executives continuously refine their strategic thinking abilities and skills at leading strategic conversations.

In July, Sathiya Ramakrishnan, and I are running a two-day Leadership Intelligence Program at the Brisbane Hilton, to help C-Suite Executives enhance foresight and lead new strategic conversations.

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