Remarkable leaders rest in their own authority

In my roles as a strategy advisor and a keynote presenter, I often notice the energy of the company’s founder. He or she rests quietly at the back or side of the room as I speak, while the group challenges the founder’s brainchild and we map out the company’s latest strategic position. I often get a sense, that it wasn’t that long ago that the founder was delivering the keynote and rallying the troops. At times, the founder seems like a powerful lion, on alert and protecting their world.

Being an innovative leader requires one to rest their own authority, bear their teeth, fight against the odds and ignore what others might regard as acceptable. The degree of personal space they occupy makes them truly remarkable at fighting the naysayers and the fools. While strategic advisors, employees and a healthy diversity of opinion can be remarkable sources of inspiration at the beginning of a venture and at certain growth points, once true leaders have what is really needed, the reactions of others are no longer relevant.

Truly innovative leaders have an almost unshakeable, ferocious and almost narcissistic sense of self-worth. The degree of personal space and authority they rest in make them truly remarkable at fighting the odds.