I am looking forward to delivering my popular leadership conference talk ‘Basic Instinct’, to the Australasian Interim Executive Association here in Brisbane tomorrow.

I will share that every successful business needs three basic instincts.

– A self-preservation instinct – which asks how am I?

– An adaptation instinct – which asks where am I?

– A connection instinct – which asks who I am with?

Our potential as human beings is to have equal access to all three instincts from birth, but alas this is not what happens. In the womb and during early infancy, one instinct starts to dominate.

The challenge we face is that we continue to favour one of these three basic instincts. Furthermore, we drive the strongest aspect of our personality through this dominant instinct, often in an unconscious way, which eventually unhinges our effectiveness as leaders. Knowing our dominant instinct allows us to create new space for the other two instincts and helps us reduce myopic vision, raise business health and embrace the diversity necessary for successful and sustainable performance.

Those attending will hopefully come to know themselves and understand others a little better as a result.

Details at https://www.aiea.org.au/Upcoming-Events