HCG’s John Hale delivers inspirational talks on the art of strategy and the science of leadership. John’s talks address the question “What are going to be your future unfair advantages?” He will facilitate an event or talk specific to your industry to clarify your future direction.

John Hale’s popular talks include:

‘Looking for your Sweet Spot’ – Can you say what your strategy is?
‘Growing your Digital Wings’ – Smart technology secrets for growing businesses.
‘Ice Cream Vans on the Beach’ – Marketing strategy secrets.
‘Culture Eats Strategy’ – Create a unique strategic culture.
‘Riding the Wave’ – The five stages of business growth.
‘Basic Instinct’ – A leadership conversation that matters.
‘Doing Leadership Differently’ – Value sets for global leaders.
‘World Class Leadership’ – Build and lead a world-class team.
‘Fierce Conversations’ – Board governance education.

If you are interested in having John speak at one of your company events or conferences please email enquiries@halecg.com or call us on +61 407 301 200.