The world as we know it is changing fast. Faster than most of us can really imagine. The current AI revolution is not a one-off event. It will quickly overthrow our own authority and remove much of our species from the planet within the next 200 years. In the much nearer future, the biggest issues we face are nuclear wars, climate change and our psychological well-being. 

I read a book in the late 1990s that looked at current and future trends projected out to 2050. In the 1990s, the three biggest killers of people were heart disease, stroke and cancer. This book predicted, based on a continuation of trends, that in future, the three biggest killers by 2050 would be homicide (including war), suicide and aerospace accidents. 

Our ability to look beyond our self-limiting and deceptive social media identities and see what is going on around us is our key to a healthier future. A strategic mindset is one that looks externally. It is a mindset that rapidly lets go of the past and co-creates future products and services with an accelerating world that is being driven by big data, computing power, algorithms, AI, corrupt governments (mostly) and increasing opportunities for financial greed. 

If as a species, we wake up sooner rather than later, the big opportunities for us will be processes, services and products that help us come together, eradicate religious thinking, reduce nuclear threats, reverse climate change, develop emotional intelligence, foster mental balance and promote greater resilience and compassion in the population at large. In the end, the most trusted software algorithms will be given this task to do, as we will most certainly fail at it, despite many valiant attempts. 


On a blank page, write three headings. Nuclear Wars. Climate Change. Human Resilience and Wellbeing. Under each heading, describe three processes, three services and three products that help solve that issue. Now, repeat the exercise under heading two and three, so that you have 27 ideas in total. 

Which of these ideas would add the most value to the world? Which of these ideas could be applied to your business or life? Which ideas are profitable? Jot down in a few sentences how you might apply one or more of your ideas to help us save the world.