To hit our ‘Sweet Spot’, we want to

i. get paid

ii. for doing something we love

iii. that harnesses what we are good at

iv. and aligns with what the world needs.

If we hit i, ii and iii but not iv, then we are probably a Kardashian! If we hit ii, iii and iv but not i, then we are being Exploited. If we hit iii, iv and i but not ii, then we’ll suffer Burnout. If we hit all but iii, then we should probably not go into practice as a Surgeon!

If we hit all four (i,ii,iii & iv) at the same time, we have found our personal Sweet Spot!

So, now let’s turn to your business and see how sweet it is?

I. You want to get paid (maximise profitability)

II. for doing something you love (aligning it with your mission, values, vision)

III. that harnesses what you are good at (your unique product or service characteristics)

IV. and aligns with what the world needs (your customer) in unique ways now and in the future!

The union of III and IV should be used to define and design your Core Competencies and are also important inputs to your Strategic Planning Process. 

If you are not sure how to hit your business Sweet Spot or need a Strategic Planning Process to create a profitable and value driven strategic future, give us a call at HCG on +61 407 301 200.