As a conference speaker and strategic leadership expert, I hear from CEOs who have to cope with a ‘tail that wags the dog’ when it comes to strategy implementation.

CEO’s repeat that their experienced team is experienced. However, the talent, commitment, and adaptation required to execute a new strategy are sometimes lacking. Each round of strategic enhancement will need new skills.

Here are three tactics for enhancing strategic recruitment…

Step 1.  Anticipate, anticipate and anticipate.

Regularly perform an in-depth analysis of long-term staffing needs, based on your forward-looking strategic business plans. Hiring without the strategic plan in front of you is a plan for failure.

Keep asking yourself, ‘why do we need this person?’

Step 2. Specify, specify and specify.

Specify the competencies required for each position you fill. Hiring people you like the look of without a concise job description spells disaster. If you do not know what a new hire or an existing team member’s specific responsibilities are, chances are they will not either!

Keep asking yourself, ‘what should this person do each day?’  

Step 3. Choice, choice and more choice.

Cast a wide net to attract candidates, by looking both inside and outside the organization, for the right people for every job. Leave no stone unturned. Clients, who excitedly land a fresh candidate, sometimes call me for help or approval. I often reply, ‘A choice of one is no choice at all!’ Develop pools of candidates for each position, by asking all stakeholders – from board members to customers for suggestions. The ocean for talent is enormous. So, fish with a net and not a rod.

Keep asking yourself, ‘How can I become an expert at fishing?’