A common piece of advice for writers is to “kill your darlings.” In other words, get clear on what moves the story forward and cut the rest, without our favourite collection of unnecessary sentiment and cherished words, no matter how attached to them we may be.

Reaching for extra fish in turbulent times could spell disaster.

In our consulting practice, we apply the same logic. We share with clients that sometimes they have to ‘kill their favourite children’. Together we explore how this logic relates to their business strategy.

Harvard Business School Professor and renowned strategic thinker, Michael Porter often shares, “The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.” Reaching out for that extra fish, the way you have always done, in more turbulent times could spell disaster. Don’t get greedy out of desperation. Great strategists choose wisely between alternatives and are ready to walk away from old ways of doing things to create a brand new way of fishing.