Failure and Invention are inseparable twins according to Jeff Bezos. Bezos says that his company, Amazon, is the best place in the world to fail. I disagree. The best place to fail is your life.

Big failures make us cry.

In comedies, others hurt themselves or fail and we laugh. Actors and cartoon characters remind us that we are always learning from success and failure. The future is always uncertain and unknown. Failure is inevitable. Suffering optional. Just get back on the bike.

My first 650cc bike ditched in the grass, fracturing a bone in my hand – ouch! Doc said four months. I was back on that afternoon and migrated to a 1300cc Sport. Ninety thousand kilometers and ten thousand hours later, my living breathing motorsport champion emerged!

Whatever your goal, living is life’s only purpose. If you live your life as a celebration, every failure brings you closer to your goals and closer to your edge. As a Strategic Advisor, Speaker and Executive Coach for over two decades, I have worked with hundreds of clients and thousands of leaders. Collectively, we have learned a great deal about what it takes to craft and implement strategy successfully and at other times, less successfully.

In business and life, collectively we are always on the move, learning, discovering, reflecting, unfolding – this is the secret to your journey. This is your destiny.

Yesterday destiny did a bloody good job of grazing my left butt cheek during a failed high-speed hockey stock on new inline blades. I’m cruising out again today, with a great invention – padded goal-keepers shorts!

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