In a world of rapid digital driven reinvention, new ways of working and hyper-competition, having regular high-level conversations about leadership, strategy, technology and customers are no longer optional.

To survive and thrive, these regular conversations are a must.

At HCG we are invited to lead these high-level conversations with clients and business groups on a regular basis. Our favourite talks are in the areas of:


‘Your Sweet Spot’ – Can you say what your strategy is?
‘Growing Digital Wings’ – Digital strategy secrets.
‘Black Swans, Inverse Turkeys’ – Predicting unlikely futures.
‘Strategic Rebounding’ – Fives steps to instant recovery.
‘Ice Cream Vans on the Beach’ – Marketing strategy secrets.
‘Culture Eats Strategy’ – Create an aligned strategic culture.
‘Riding the Wave’ – The five stages of business growth.

And Leadership

‘Nine Faces of the Soul’ – Enneagram wisdom for C-Suite teams.
‘Fierce Conversations’ – Board governance education.
‘Basic Instinct’ – A leadership conversation that matters.
‘Bulletproof People’ – Build emotionally competent forward facing teams.
‘Doing Leadership Differently’ – Value sets for global leaders.
‘Stop being Stupid’ – Five paradoxes and secrets about people.
‘Sales Leadership’ – Prospects, partnerships and promises.

Call us to have a conversation about a conversation that matters for your business and your people.