In business, superior rewards are the result of taking calculated risks. A business’s growth will be maximized if it regularly extends just beyond its current edge of functioning.

If businesses do not extend themselves, they stagnate. When businesses push the envelope too far, they create stresses that are destabilizing.

The same is true of life. Finding those moments of growth from leaning even closer to one’s real edge can be the difference between living a mediocre life and a life of passionate engagement.

This week, I bought my second BMW K1300S in 5 years. From standing, this super bike reaches 100 km/h in 2.7s and makes the ¼ mile at 217km/h in 10.2s. For my work with HCG and for my own life, the K1300S offers a powerful metaphor. On any given bend, my development and my reward as a rider are optimized when I lean just beyond my edge, my capacity, my discomfort and my fear. Yet, I never push too far beyond my edge, should the bike destabilize and take me with it.