At HCG, we think of business growth in five (5) stages.

  1. EXISTENCE – Get Customers, Deliver Product.
  2. SURVIVAL – Cash Flow, Early Positioning.
  3. SUCCESS – Quality People, Strategic Planning.
  4. TAKE-OFF – Operational Excellence, Teamwork.
  5. MATURITY – Control Systems, Sale/Merger.

At last week’s Brisbane Digital Click 2017 Expo, HCG’s John Hale shared the secrets to business growth along with some digital strategy, which included the 4 Rs.

A. REACH – link customers and supply chain.

B. RICHNESS – intelligent data.

C. RESPONSE – faster delivery.

D. RANGE – integrated functionality.

In the earlier business growth stages, software that helps businesses ‘reach’ more of their supply chain and more customers is key. As businesses grow, successive Rs in the list become more important. At the fifth and final stage of business growth, ‘range’ becomes critical.

A short podcast Expo interview about John’s talk is available here