Your Claim to Fame

Already Famous?


You are probably already famous for something! But are you famous for the right thing?

Most people are famous and infamous for certain things. Can you name what you or your business is best known and trusted for?  In other words, what is your Claim to Fame?


Six famous people

Consider the following six people. What do you most expect them to do?  See if you can match them to the six ‘Claims to Fame’ that appear below them.

Scott Morrison. Donald Trump. Angela Merkel. Greta Thunberg. Xi Jinping. Ricky Gervais.

(i) Promote their political self-interest.

(ii) Offer a deal or a bride to stay safe.

(iii) Consider options for fiscal policy carefully.

(iv) Promote changes in climate policy.

(v) Promote specific behavioural standards within society.

(vi) Poke fun at anyone and everyone who takes themselves seriously.

How did you go matching them? It wasn’t hard, was it! In my experience, fame for these six people goes from left to right on the list of names. Let me explain. To me, those on the start of the list are famously unpredictable. Those towards the end of the list are far more predictable.


From ScoMo to Ricky

Nobody has any idea what Scott Morrison will do next. However, we can count on Ricky Gervais to push buttons, shed light and promote laughter, whenever he opens his mouth. Ricky was Ricky again at the Golden Globes last night!


My heart broke

Ricky filled a void on the world stage that was left in 2014 when Robin Williams committed suicide.  In 2014, my heart broke. Robin was an Angel of Light who raged against the unconsciousness in our corupt corporate, political, legal, medical and societal machinery.



Later on, I realised that Robin’s medical condition, Lewy Body Disease brought with it a degenerative loss of motor coordination and speech impairment. The very two capabilities a stand-up comedian most needs to deliver on their Claim to Fame.

If you or your business has a Claim to Fame, what are the Capabilities needed to deliver on it?


Claim to Fame

If you do not have a Claim to Fame, perhaps use 2020 to define and refine it. What do you want to be known for in 2030? Then list the Capabilities you will need to master in this decade to predictably deliver on your Claim to Fame.


The Strategy Book

When listing Capabilities, it is essential to be strategic. This is where The Strategy Book can really help. You can purchase your copy via our website or from most major online booksellers.

The Strategy Book contains eighteen exercises to help future-proof your business, including an activity which helps business owners define the Critical Success Factors they need to address in their chosen profession or industry.


But seriously

But seriously, when creating a list of Capabilities, reviewing the Critical Success Factors for your industry will be just as important as knowing your Claim to Fame. Scott Morrison’s track record of poor communication and lack of empathy are not capabilities a famous Prime Minister needs. Ricky Gervais’s ability to laugh at himself and poke fun at anyone and everyone who takes themselves seriously are hallmarks of a famous comedian.

So, if you decide to work on your Claim to Fame and Capabilities, don’t take yourself too seriously. Be vulnerable and have some fun exploring options. It will help you be more creative and strategic.


About BLOG Author | John Hale – Strategic Futurist Speaker

John Hale is the founder of Hale Consulting Group and author of The Strategy Book. John has worked as an early stage investor and advisor for over twenty-years. He has worked with leaders from Fortune 500 and mid-sized companies to start-ups and public sector organisations. John has been a Visiting and Adjunct Professor teaching strategy, entrepreneurship, project management and ethics at various institutions including Singapore Management University, Bond University and Melbourne Business School.

John’s popular conference talks include:

Future-Proof – Create a strategic mindset
Future Customer – Shift loyalty to your brand
Future Culture – Nurture workforce talent
Digital Futures – Grow digital wings

If you feel it may be time change your strategic approach, contact me at, to schedule a free thirty-minute phone call, to help map out your next steps.


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1. How are we going?    2. Where are we going?    3. Who are we with?

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Join Strategic Advisor John Hale for an entertaining conversation & master your understanding of both your dominant instinctual type & the impact your personality has in the workplace.

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John Hale has built his career advising leaders on strategy. As a Strategic Advisor & University Professor teaching EMBA & MBA students, he has a unique perspective on strategy development. John delivers talks & facilitates workshops for Business Owners, Boards & CEOs to shape value driven strategies & lasting leadership performance improvements.

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