26 03, 2019

Doing Leadership Differently

2019-03-26T00:40:02+10:00By |Leadership, Strategy|

To continue growing successfully and sustainably, every accounting practice and indeed every business needs to do leadership differently. I have been enjoying speaking to lawyers, CEOs and accountants in multiple venues, around the country recently on the topics of strategy, leadership and technology. Audiences are revealing that in terms of future planning, CEOs are often better strategic leaders than accountants, who are sometimes more forward-thinking than lawyers. I am seeing that each professional group does leadership differently and yet there are lessons to be learnt from one another.    

18 03, 2019

Fishing and Strategy

2019-03-18T11:34:12+10:00By |Strategy|

On Saturdays, when not travelling, I head for the farmers’ market for a weekly haul of organic food. Last weekend, I stopped by a new stall selling a variety of fresh seafood. The tiny Chinese woman who weighed my choices and tallied them up asked me, “you a fisherman?” I was about to answer “no” when I connected with her question metaphorically. I answered, “one day per week”. She replied, “very good.” As my limited Chinese is ok, I thanked her and said bye in Mandarin.  As I thanked her, I reflected that fishing is often more than dropping a line with bait and waiting. My regular ‘fishing’ happens each Wednesday. In fact, my week is quite structured. On Mondays, I practice my speeches and write ( I wrote this article on a Monday). On Tuesdays, I coach leaders. On Thursdays and Fridays, I am either speaking at conferences or facilitating strategy. On Wednesdays, I go fishing. Wednesday is my lead generation day - all day long. It’s the day that I work my pipeline (I use a cool app called Pipedrive). In my business, Wednesday is the most strategic day of the week: I identify my target fish; I [...]

11 03, 2019

Dedication and Royalties

2019-03-11T13:11:49+10:00By |Strategy|

I am midway through writing my second book. The book is about how to create a strategic mindset.  I paused today to give thanks to life and consider how I will better support life once the book is published. Here is the first draft... DEDICATION This book is dedicated to every person I have ever met and perhaps, just as importantly, our descendants. At some point, I realised, that everyone and I mean everyone we meet has a gift for us. Another’s gift comes when we offer our presence, loosen our mind and ask the right questions. Gifts can come from the most unexpected people and from the simplest of conversations.   A few years back, my conversation with Harvard Strategy Professor Michael Porter revealed to me as much about why strategy works and why it doesn’t. Edwin, a homeless man on the streets of San Diego taught me more about compassion as a strategy than anything I had ever read in a book. Fred, a first nation elder who I offered a ride, north of Sydney one afternoon, taught me more about human survival than any Man vs Wild TV series. To quote Chuck Palahniuk, “On a long enough timeline, [...]