12 08, 2019

Bringing the Pages to Life


Last week I had an enlightening and entertaining conversation with Mal Walker, Peter Diezmann and the Australasian Interim Executive Association. It was great to have an enthusiastic audience with CEOs to road test the pages of The Strategy Book. Together we uncovered that Strategy was important in 95% of cases and yet only half the audience felt confident doing strategy and only 15% felt that organisations did enough to equip their managers with strategic thinking skills. So at the conclusion of my talk, I was not that surprised to take half a dozen great questions and a dozen pre-publication orders for The Strategy Book.

7 08, 2019

Words of advice from Jim about Books – The Strategy Book

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I am looking forward to the publication of The Strategy Book in the coming weeks. Business author, Jim Collins who wrote 'Good to Great', 'Built to Last' and 'How the Mighty Fall' kindly sent me a hand written note this month wishing me well with my book well and warning about the Fifth Stage of writing a book - "The Tyrant". That's Jim. He usually has five steps, stages or levels. And Jim is right again! After nine months of writing, there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Its probably the Tyrant coming the other way...  Yes more editing to do this week!

3 06, 2019

Neanderthals and Strategy  


The first men and women (Homo erectus) appeared in Africa some 2.5 million years ago. About 2 million years ago, some of these early humans journeyed and settled in the snowy foothills of Europe and Asia. There they adapted into more muscular and thicker set northerners (Neanderthalensis). Those who remained in the southern hemisphere became thinner, smarter and more agile. They eventually evolved to become our species (Sapiens).  Fred is the name I affectionately to the Neanderthal species. During my conference talks on strategy, I sometimes produce a life-sized replica of a Neanderthal skull and introduce audiences to ‘my old mate Fred.’ I then share the final chapter of Fred’s journey. Fred’s story ends tragically. Some 50,000 years ago, as resources became scarce, Fred and his kinsfolk were eventually eradicated by tribes of Sapiens who were heading northwards and spreading across the Earth. The success of the Sapiens and the failure of the Neanderthals offer us some important lessons, which we can apply to the competitive and co-operative world of business. Sapien brains differ from Neanderthal brains in the size and shape their skulls. A Neanderthal skull is elongated and flat. A Sapien skull is shorter from front to back [...]