7 05, 2019

Positioning First and Last


In the Olympic Games, if someone wins by a large margin or loses by a large margin, their race is memorable. We mostly remember those who position first and last. You may remember the brilliant Usain Bolt in the 100m or the courageous Gabriela ‘Gaby’ Anderson-Schiess in the Marathon - where Gaby walked semi-conscious over the last 400m of her Marathon in 5 minutes 44 seconds to finish. We hardly experience or remember those in the middle of the field. As a Global Conference Speaker, experience tells me that my audience is most likely to recall maybe three or at best, four things from my talk. Firstly, unless my audience applies what I am sharing within the next 12 hours, almost all of my content will be lost to them. Secondly, if I share a valuable idea with my audience that transforms their view of their world, then they may retain the idea. Thirdly, if I share a story that touches them or shifts them emotionally, they are likely to remember the story. If my story illustrates my message really well, they will retain both the story and the message. Finally, if I open in the first minute and close [...]

29 04, 2019

Defying the Odds

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Last week, on the other side of the world, a NBA basketball player shot 50 points in a playoff game. With both teams tied on 115 points and 11 seconds remaining, Damian Lillard, point guard for the Portland Trail Blazers, dribbled the ball over the half court line. His much taller defensive opponent immediately began to guard him 15 feet outside the three-point line. There was enough time to fake, drive around his player and go to the hoop for a layup or pass off along the way to a team mate to make a winning shot. Whappened next was beyond belief. Beyond belief for the opposing team, beyond belief for the commentators and beyond belief for the fans in both teams. Damian glanced across the court at his team mates positioned strategically around the perimeter and they looked back at him with eyes that said, “I believe in you.” In his heart Damian knew that even if he missed the final shot of the game, his team mates regard for him was not at risk. This is the ultimate psychology of winning in teams. When everyone believes in you, they give you permission to believe in yourself in ways [...]

28 01, 2019

The Second Wave

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My friend Mario and I used to drive for hours out west in Australia. We would visit and advise local communities on strategy and risk. At sunset, thousands of kangaroos (roos) would be on the move. At sunset, we moved at a steady watchful pace to avoid a collision. The less common and more dangerous animals were emus. When we saw an emu, we literally stopped our car until we spied the second one. These ostrich-like birds traveled in pairs often roaming around 150m apart. If an emu raced across the road in front of us, there was a good chance, out of nowhere the second emu would come speeding past the front of our car to be with its mate.  With each new wave of technology, there is a second and far more significant wave that follows. People often overestimate the initial impact of technology but underestimate its impact in the long run. Mario and I were very cautious of the emus we could see. In the long run, we knew it would be the emu we couldn’t see that would have the greatest impact.  From 2014 to 2017 there was a lot of talk about self-driving cars. Many [...]