28 01, 2019

The Second Wave

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My friend Mario and I used to drive for hours out west in Australia. We would visit and advise local communities on strategy and risk. At sunset, thousands of kangaroos (roos) would be on the move. At sunset, we moved at a steady watchful pace to avoid a collision. The less common and more dangerous animals were emus. When we saw an emu, we literally stopped our car until we spied the second one. These ostrich-like birds traveled in pairs often roaming around 150m apart. If an emu raced across the road in front of us, there was a good chance, out of nowhere the second emu would come speeding past the front of our car to be with its mate.  With each new wave of technology, there is a second and far more significant wave that follows. People often overestimate the initial impact of technology but underestimate its impact in the long run. Mario and I were very cautious of the emus we could see. In the long run, we knew it would be the emu we couldn’t see that would have the greatest impact.  From 2014 to 2017 there was a lot of talk about self-driving cars. Many [...]

12 11, 2018

Which talents win?

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On Sunday, my 16-year-old son reminded me on the court ⛹🏻‍♂️, “You play like a robot 🤖. It’s all about talent Dad!” as he buried another three-point shot and flew past me to his next dunk. Whether in basketball or business, each new generation seems to be more talented than the one before. As a species, we evolve. Yet individually, if we stop learning, our talents wither and lose their relevance. On the basketball court this week, I asked another young player, who had just finished high school what was next. He said, “Robotics and Autonomous Systems” or “Electrical and Aerospace.” 🚀“Why?”, I asked. “Because that’s where the money is!”  Twenty years ago, most young people aspired to be lawyers or doctors. But today, artificial intelligence is claiming jobs in medicine 👨🏼‍⚕️and the law, as machine learning and big data redefine the meaning of talent. Twenty years back my favorite UCLA Business Professor, Bill Yost, said, “Success = Talent + Preparation + Timing”. Twenty years ago basketball legend Michael Jordan said, “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.” Jordan showed us that part of being talented involves being able to learn well in changing circumstances. One can be [...]

22 10, 2018

Lessons on Talent from the Trenches

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This year Stormy Daniels offered us a metaphor for the tension between talent and passion. Daniels says that despite his obvious passion for the bedroom, Trump lacks talent. Ouch! 🤨 According to TV's 60 minutes, Daniels' real passions are horse riding 🐴 and wide open spaces; yet her bedroom talents 💋 (on camera) have brought her significant financial success. Sex aside, Trump's talents for negotiation, litigation and dealmaking are world class. Both Daniels and Trump have made great careers and money using their talents. They engage their passions (unlike a former President) outside of work and The Oval Office. The mantra of following our passion and doing what we love, with the belief that the money will follow, is often risky.🤡 Follow your talent, not your passion. Go where your talents are valued,💰 rather than having a job or role that looks cool on social media. ADVICE: Find out what you are good at (early on in your career) and make the decision to be great at it. You may not love what you are good at, but if you don't hate it, as you gain money and recognition, you may like your mastered talent and one day come to love your 😍 work.